Por Elena Cortés
29 abril, 2016

«Cuando empiezas a mantener una vida saludable, haciendo ejercicio y comiendo sano… todo cambia».

¡Aunque no lo puedas creer! Sophie Guidolin, una hermosa mujer de 27 años, está revolucionando por completo las redes sociales, después de haber compartido una imagen comparativa entre su primer y tercer embarazo. En el primer embarazo, la mujer aún no estaba haciendo ejercicio pero para el tercer embarazo Sophie ya era una gurú del ejercicio. Obviamente, ha empezado a tomar los asuntos de maternidad de una manera distinta… Y todas las mamis de Instagram quieren sus secretos. 

Esta es la foto… Sophie explica que para su primer embarazo aún no sabía alimentarse adecuadamente ni hacía ejercicios. Para su tercer embarazo, recalca, que ya hacía ejercicio y sabía qué hacer específicamente para tener un proceso saludable y en forma.

Sophie no deja de lado nada y les muestra a sus seguidores su barriga antes, durante y después de sus embarazos.

1 month before falling pregnant (twin pregnancy) ➖ the day I had the twins ➖ 3 months postpartum ✔️ (4 babies later!) So many people only see the glory, not the story- After posting my pregnancy vs 3 months pp photo yesterday I was reading the comments saying that it was unhealthy, impossible-how could I possibly have my pre-pregnancy body back 3 months after twins. This blows my mind. Whilst I was pregnant, I was ridiculed like no end because I weight trained & exercised whilst pregnant. (Which is recommended) Whilst pregnant I gained 17 kilos whilst pregnant- you're meant to gain weight. You are making babies! but then, the media released an article saying I had gained "too much weight" so at this point in time I feel that a HUGE message I would like to get across is that- You will never please everyone, but everything I do is done well researched and with everyone's health as number 1 priority. after my first 2 pregnancies, I was left overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I was determined for this pregnancy to be different. I had learnt so much about nutrition and exercise since my first two pregnancies and this was my chance to really implement it into my life! The reason I have lost the weight so quickly (I believe) Is I exercised all the way through and delivered the twins via c-section (both twins breach) I didn't return to exercise until 9 weeks pp due to hemmoarging requiring a d&c at 8 weeks pp. I was solely relying on my nutrition and my pre pregnancy fitness and healthy lifestyle to help me postpartum. ➖ THIS IS WHY I AM SHARING THIS COLLAGEnot as a 'Too the haters' post, but to showcase that this didn't happen in 3 months, it's taken 4 years of dedication, commitment and a love of fitness and feeing my best! ➖☺️ I honestly believe that my pre pregnancy, and pregnancy fitness & health contributed to my post pregnancy fitness and recovery! ✔️ I also had an abdominal separation which I worked hard on closing before beginning my #tbtprogram I have documented my entire journey on my website (link in bio) for those who are after more info #sophieguidolin #twinpregnancy #yearsofwork #notweeks #hardwork #3monthspostpartum #fitpregnancy

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La hermosa mamá no busca generar envidia, ni que piensen que hace algo más allá de la buena alimentación y el ejercicio. Es por eso, que también comparte fotos de sus estrías. Recalca que tenerlas no es nada malo.

I have posted this numerous times before, but it appears the message still isn't getting through. stretch marks do NOT define me, nor should they define YOU. Yes, with my first two pregnancies I got covered in them, (boobs, bum, hips, some on my tummy, inner thighs) -that's what gained 28kgs does to your body and your health- (in saying that though- I have had a lot on my bum and boobs since puberty too)- however 8 years on, they have faded and you can now only see them in certain light- but that doesn't mean I am hiding them nor ashamed or that they aren't still there. Whilst I am not really into the whole "roar, here are my tiger stripes"- They will never disappear and I'm fine with that. This is who I am and I am 100% happy with the person I am inside, that the outside is just my shell. However- I don't usually harp on about them, or continuously point them out- because to me they ARE normal and 99.9% of women will have them on one or more body part (boobs, bum, hips, stomach, thighs etc) please ladies, stretch marks are not the end of the world I can guarantee that anyone who matters in your life won't care about them. The more we embrace our bodies and normalise what IS normal the easier we will be on ourselves. Embrace your body, look after your HEALTH and start to FEEL a positive change. This is my journey and like I have said throughout, do not compare to anyone's but gain motivation and knowledge to better your own circumstances and life #10weekspostpartum #stretchmarks #myjourney #itsdifferenttoyoursandeveryoneelse

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Sophie y su familia. 

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