Por Andrea Araya Moya
31 enero, 2020

“Me comparan con ella con bastante frecuencia. Fuera de casa, en la iglesia, el cine, o en la tienda de comestibles”, dice Akeisha.

En instagram si bien circulan siempre imágenes de Meghan Markle con sus nuevos atuendos ya que se alejó de la corona, ahora ya no solo hay fotos de ella viralizándose, sino también de una mujer de Missouri que está dejando impactados a los internautas por el enorme parecido que tiene con la esposa del príncipe Harry.

Akeisha Land es una bloguera de 39 años, y madre de dos hijos, y está causando sensación en Instagram por su parecido con Meghan. Todo después de publicar una foto con su pequeña hija.


Apenas publicó la foto superó los 10 mil «me gusta».

Muchas personas le decían que se parecía enormemente a la duquesa de Sussex. Y ella no sabía qué decir, pues hasta fuera de casa la confundían con Meghan. Incluso su familia y amigos.

«Me comparan con ella con bastante frecuencia, y no solo en línea. Fuera de casa, ya sea en la iglesia, el cine, o en la tienda de comestibles»

-Akeisha a Femail

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Wonder why you’re seeing my face and not Bitty’s? I know you’d rather see her cute face, but I had to make a brief cameo to say, CHIEFSSSSSSS!! Our team is going to the Super Bowl y’all; so I had to (finally) post these photos of the only game we were able to make it to this year ❤️ Wish we could go to more, but with two young kiddos and church on Sunday’s, it’s hard to make it to many games. Plus parking alone is $60 and ain’t nobody got time for that! • Also, can we just take a minute to talk about my hair?! I’ve been on my natural hair journey for over 5 years now and hadn’t straightened my hair in over two years. A couple years ago when I straightened my hair, even though I’d been natural for so many years and used Curly Girl Method approved products only, when straightened, my hair was dull, dry, slightly brittle and my ends were a disaster. This year though, I think the results speak for themselves in these photos! And I have @olivabrand to thank! Remember back in September I told you guys I was going to start a hair trial with them? Well as you can see, my hair loves @olivabrand! It’s perfect for my low porosity hair because it’s not as thick and heavy as most hair oils. I use it for my scalp massages as well as hot oil treatments. It’s made my hair sooooo soft, smooth, and shiny! Bye frizz! ✌I’ve also been using it on Bitty’s hair and her curls are really starting to POP (as you can see in my previous post)! • Definitely go check them out @olivabrand and use code greyson20 to save 20% off of your purchase ❤️

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También le preguntan una y otra vez si alguien le ha dicho cuánto se parece, y ella siempre se ríe.

Así mismo, la mujer asegura que los comentarios sobre su parecido aumentaron cuando se alisó el pelo, pues el de ella es ondulado.


Aunque muchos creen que es idéntica, Akeisha dice no ver el parecido con Meghan, aunque le gusta que la comparen con ella, pues la encuentra hermosa.

«A pesar de que yo misma no veo las similitudes, definitivamente lo tomo como un gran cumplido, ya que ella es simplemente hermosa»

-Akeisha a Femail

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This morning, The Duchess of Sussex went back to college!  Joining students and educators at The University of Johannesburg The Duchess was able to announce a new series of gender grants from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, of which she is patron. She was also able to announce four new scholarships to help students study in different commonwealth countries, allowing cross cultural understanding and an opportunity to deepen their educational studies abroad. One of the recipients of these grants shared his story of growing up on farmland in Kenya, where he paid for his education trading vegetables to cover schooling costs (cauliflower leaves to be exact!) He is now doing a research study on carcinogens in his country, its link to cancer – his work is helping to change practices and to save lives. The Duchess was so moved by the work being done across the education sector and to talk with such like-minded thinkers about the importance of access to education and the support needed internally. When the round table discussion this morning moved to the challenges faced in this sector and how daunting it can all seem, The Duchess said, “Sometimes access to education can seem so big, you wonder where to even begin? So you begin with one student, or one school, you simply begin. And that’s when we see change.” She continued by referencing a Martin Luther King Jr quote: “Take the first step… you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Since @the_acu_official Gender Grants were launch in 2016, 28 universities in 17 countries have benefited with a minimum of 600 beneficiaries participating in workshops supported by the grants. #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica Photo ©️ PA images

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Y tú, ¿crees que se parece?

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