Por Pamela Silva
12 julio, 2017

No todas se ven perfectas 3 minutos después de dar a luz.

Honestamente, a mí la maternidad me obsesiona un poco, pero porque bajo ninguna circunstancia me considero preparada para engendrar y cuidar a un humano en miniatura. Olvido darle de comer a mi perro y voy a ser capaz de cuidar a otra entidad… no lo creo. 

Por eso me gusta ver cosas sobre embarazos y partos, para recordarme que no lo quiero y usar 15 condones cada vez que tengo relaciones sexuales (ok, 15 es una exageración, pero se entiende el punto). 

Hace poco vi un video demasiado explícito de una madre pariendo y quedé bastante perturbada al respecto, más que cuando veo esos grotescos pasteles de parto. 

Y Mel Watts, bloguera australiana, me recordó otras de las cosas terribles de los embarazos: como queda el cuerpo después del parto.

Porque no todas podemos ser las Kardashian y operarnos hasta el último folículo para quedar perfectas de nuevo. No, nosotras seres comunes y corrientes quedamos todas feas. 

Hey guys! Me again. So after yesterday's post I've had a few comments, shares etc which have been great . As reaching so many people and connecting with them is important to me, hence why I started to a blog – so someone had someone to relate to. It's been a whirlwind few days since the birth of our Sonny and I took a few moments last night to write down my feelings towards my post Caesarean section at Day 4. The photo was unflattering, with a dressing intact. If you zoomed you may of seen some regrow then and the little dignity I had left. Whatever floats your boat. As the shares reached new people the comments grew wider and further. Some referring to it as a real post baby body, some referring to it as revolting. Which is totally okay. However, I think you should be aware that I didn't use the word "real" in any of my post. I think all women's bodies are real. Some work hard for theirs and some *cough cough* don't Over time I've watched women be put down and slammed mostly by other women for how someone looks. Either being too fit, too fat, too sluggish and too pretty. I watched @reviejane get slashed for how she looked pregnant, I read @laurenbrant get trampled on for how she looked after her birth. The difference between us, both of these women work hard for how they look. I've watched Revie going to the gym whilst I'm on a 6 pack of doughnuts. Just because we all look different doesn't mean none of us aren't real or unrealistic. Some women bounce back, some don't. Some women train hard, some don't. And just because you feel like you don't fit in one of these categories doesn't make you any less real than myself, Lauren or Revie. We're all real. We're all women who have birthed little humans and we're all just trying to do the best we can. Just like the other millions of women in the world. Instead of fighting each other and writing nasty things about people we don't know how about we just embrace each other? There is so much bad in this world at the moment that as soon as we stop thinking it's acceptable behaviour to bring other women down it's never going to get better. #bethechange

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Mel subió estas fotos a su Instagram para que el mundo entienda cómo queda el cuerpo femenino después de dar a luz y que no es menos hermoso que el de otras mujeres. 

Y tiene toda la razón, no podrá gustarme el parto, pero la sociedad debe dejar de presentarnos a estas mujeres que están estupendas tres minutos después de dar a luz y empezar a querer más los cuerpos reales. 


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