Por Sole Ramírez
29 agosto, 2016

Su felicidad fue pasar de la talla 8/10 a la 16/18.

Con el #Transformationtuesday la gente está compartiendo sus cambios de peso con el resto del mundo. El problema es que todos estos cambios son en realidad una reducción y una transformación que intenta ser cada vez más similar al cuerpo delgado de las modelos. Allison Kimmey, ha conseguido cautivar a mucha gente compartiendo su transformación en la que pasa de una talla 8/10 a una 16/18, aclarando que gracias a eso se considera mucho más feliz.

«Esta no es una foto del progreso de 2 meses en el que cuento que era una triste chica gorda y ahora por fin puedo ser feliz porque perdí peso. Misma chica. Mismo día. Un ángulo diferente.»

Allison está alentando a las mujeres a sentirse felices con el cuerpo que tienen.

I think it's fitting to do another #TransformationTuesday today. For my new friends especially because you may not know my story. I began my journey with restrictive eating, body dysmorphia, yo-yo dieting, and body image issues when I was 14. By the time I was ready to graduate college I had shrunk myself to a size 2/4. But I never saw that girl in the mirror. There was always something wrong with her, no matter how hard I worked. After my wedding in 2008 I slowly gained back all the weight and continued to berate myself for allowing that to happen to my body. I never felt confident to put myself out there because I was always worried about the way I looked and how others viewed me. The picture on the left is from 2013, 9 months after the birth of my second child. I was still subscribing to the diet culture and waiting for that even better after photo until I could truly live my life and love my body. And then something happened. I realized I didn't know who I was. I didn't have an identity because all this time I had just been worrying about fixing my body. I had so many gifts to give and a path that God had intended for me, but instead I was wasting it telling myself and everyone else that we would all feel better if we were 10 lbs lighter. It's not true. What I know to be true is that we'll all feel better if we start to get in tune with our true purpose here on earth and stop giving a fuck about what we are SUPPOSED to look like. So that brings me to the photo on the right, a few sizes larger and a million times happier. The last three years were quite the journey. I cried a lot. Relationships were put on hold. I questioned myself every day. But I didn't stop uncovering the beautiful soul that I now know and love so much. It's not about your size or your weight. It's not about what you did or didn't eat. It's about how you feel about yourself, your journey on this earth and how you give back to others. I LOVE MY BODY. I love that it is my vehicle to change the world. I love that it can inspire so many. I love that it can do harder things than I can even imagine. And I love that it is mine. Have a great day loves! And as always- I'm here via DM! Xoxo

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«Comencé a restringirme la comida, con trastorno dismórfico corporal, dietas yo-yo e inseguridades respecto a mi aspecto cuando tenía 14 años. Cuando iba a graduarme había logrado llegar a una talla 2/4. Pero nunca vi a esa chica en el espejo. Siempre había algo malo con ella, no importa todo lo que me esforzara. Luego de mi boda en el 2008 comencé poco a poco a recuperar el peso que había perdido, y me di la oportunidad de dejar que eso pasara. Nunca me sentí segura de mostrarme al mundo porque vivía preocupada de como lucía y como los otros me veían.»

Allison dice que jamás se había sentido tan segura y feliz, y que cuando era más delgada era mucho más preocupada de sus defectos que ahora.

Además siente que es muy importante darles un buen ejemplo a sus hijos, y estando obsesionada con ser delgada no era la forma de hacerlo.

#transformationtuesday anyone? It's backwards. Or is it? In fact it's actually a depiction of the greatest transformation a person could see, true self love and fulfillment. That girl that thought she would feel so much more confident as a size 4, she wasn't. She picked out every single flaw, constantly second (and third) guessing herself. And then she ate her feelings of not being good enough. After two babies she got to a size 10. Instead of being in awe of what her body did, she deprived it and shamed it for not looking like other women. But that woman, that size 16 glorious, confident woman. She figured it out. She went to the source- her mind. And she rewired those dysmorphic thoughts into beautiful, accepting thoughts. And now she can cater to her body however she FEELS like without shame or consequence-and that is BLISS. See, the funny thing is, I am a Beachbody coach. I've been a coach for over 4 years. I know…it's confusing. I say fuck diets and I never post transformation photos (except for today, but bear with me) because I feel that before and after photos only breed an extremely unhealthy mindset to never being good enough. But, it is my belief that the only way to change things is to work with it and in it to CREATE the change. Instead of fighting the diet industry and the negative body image it has created, I have chosen to stand my ground WITHIN the health industry. Ive dealt with body dysmorphic behaviors long enough to know that there is far more to this diet and exercise game than meets the eye. It's a mental journey. I am redefining what it means to be a coach to me. And for me that means speaking my truth and sharing my journey from self deprivation and hate to absolute body love, and guiding others to do the same. Eating foods that make me feel good, that just makes sense. Feeding my vessel with the best of the best, that just makes sense. And challenging my body to see what she can do, that just makes sense! It's not about the progress I or you still need to make, but instead about celebrating each day we have in these beautiful bodies. I know that I was given this opportunity to create change. And that's exactly what I'm doing. Xo

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Allison está dedicada a motivar a la gente a aceptar su belleza natural y sus defectos, y está dispuesta a demostrarlo ella misma.

Lo importante es dejar en claro que todos los cuerpos son perfectos.

{{Always live in a PEAK state}} One MAJOR takeaway from attending a life changing conference last month was to always – ALWAYS – live, make decisions, and quickly bounce back to PEAK state. WTF is a peak state? It's essentially the top of your emotional game. Like you're so dialed in on your happy and gratefulness that nothing can bring you down. And you've got it so on lock that even when something throws you off, it just takes a snap of the fingers to get you right back on top! Here's some tips on how to reach your peak state: •Have a signature move – maybe a fist pump, a chest pound, both hands in the air, a Tiger Woods yesssss! Whatever floats your boat just pick one. And then do it. Like A LOT. And every time you do it say WOO or YES! • Dance. Like A LOT! Shake your butt, let everything jiggle, Team Tay or Bey, just get it on! And let yourself go all in even if you feel stupid at first. •Listen to music. Have a playlist for everything. Sing out loud. Even if you don't know the words, just belt it out! •Exercise- move your body, BREATHE, oxygenate your blood, awaken your mind, feel strong, do something you love. •Visualize- SEE with absolute certainty exactly what you want and know that you will achieve it in your peak state. •Have a grateful heart- count your blessings, often. Even when you're in terrible situations have a daily list of all the things going RIGHT in your life. And lastly, put on a white pencil skirt and sit at a table by yourself and just make yourself laugh! What works for you? How do you get out of a slump? Or which of the above is something you could try? Xoxo Allie

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No tengas miedo a quererte, todos somos diferentes y eso es lo que nos hace especiales.

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