“Hay más en la vida que sentarse en un escritorio todos los días a ganar dinero para comprar cosas”.

Evie Farrel, de 43 años y madre soltera, perdió a su mejor amiga a causa de un cáncer y entendió que la vida era demasiado corta como para no disfrutarla. Así que decidió recorrer el mundo con su pequeña hija de seis años, Emmie, gracias a los más de 20.000 dólares que tenía ahorrado para remodelar su cocina.

Here's one of my fave pics from our last trip to China in June – we camped overnight in the Great Wall of China and it's one of my most treasured memories from this trip so far [even though as usual I carried all the bags with Emmie running ahead impatiently yelling 'come on, mum' as I staggered behind] We leave China tomorrow for Hoi An, and we should be at a hotel in Shanghai right now but I stuffed up – I knew I should have grabbed train tickets before today but I left it to chance and whoops – we trudged out to the station at lunch time carrying the backpack and bags of Emmie's Christmas presents, all ready to go and… uh oh no seats til 10pm tonight…so we are still in Wuxi, back at the house-sit. Emmie is ecstatic she gets to watch more episodes of Ever After High on Netflix and I'm just biding time and checking tomorrow's flight details so I don't mess those up too! Train trip then a cross city taxi and a few hours at the airport Starbucks til morning and our first flight of the day Thanks so much for all the supportive comments after yesterday's story! I love our community here and how kind and encouraging everyone is to each other. I was surprised at the nasty comments online but that's prob because I'm so used to being here and chatting to everyone and just being in a really nice place. So thanks everyone for making it so awesome here ✨ . . . . . . #greatwall #greatwallofchina #beijing #china #greatwallcamping #lonelyplanet #lpkids #mysomewhere #goeverywhere #openmyworld #travelwithkids #travelmum #travelbuddy #chinaholiday #instanature #climbing #travelchina #mytravelgram #traveladdict #chinacamping #chinagreatwall #explorerkids #travelwithkids #lovechina #chinahiking #familytravel #travelgram #visitchina #familyfun #hwk50th

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Emprendieron el viaje en febrero de 2016, ya han visitado 13 países, entre ellos Indonesia, Singapur, Tailandia, Malasia, Vietnam, Reino Unido, Francia y China. Y por el momento no tienen planes de regresar a Australia, su país de origen. Esperan recorrer la mayor cantidad de lugares, pues tienen tiempo y una agenda flexible.

Para Evie la vida no debe limitarse a pasar el día entero tras de un escritorio haciendo ganancias como consultora, por eso, ella y su hija llevan un año viajando y tienen claro que no quieren regresar a su vida rutinaria.

Uno de los retos más importantes que han tenido que enfrentar juntas es la educación de Emmie, que aprende gracias a un sistema de educación virtual, diseñado especialmente para estudiantes que por motivos de salud, ubicación geográfica o circunstancias extraordinarias no pueden ir a la escuela.

High pollution days in Wuxi, China call for fancy face masks! We wandered the city yesterday and saw the fanciest malls we've ever seen…with the fanciest toilets! You know my travel toilet obsession . These ones had chandeliers, fresh flowers, sparkling mirrors, crystals and day beds. Plus a children's room with tiny toilets and washbasins. ✔️✔️ We want to wish everyone a wonderfully Merry Christmas with friends and family and Happy Holidays to everyone not celebrating Chrissy Enjoy your time together and try and take it easy – I read a saying 'don't sweat the small things and everything's a small thing'. Good to remember On Christmas Day we will be at the Levit Mall in Wuxi [doing a travel blogger appearance HAHAHAH NO that's a joke ] watching the Christmas Shows, ice-skating and I have promised to go in the biggest ball pit we've ever seen. I know I will pushed over and assaulted in the name of fun but hey, it's Christmas. So it's [social media] tools down from us til after Christmas Day. Wishing you joy and have a happy happy day Love from Evie & Emmie . . . . . . . . . #wuxi #wuxichina #china #merrychristmas #travelwithkids #highpollution #facemask #visitwuxi #visitchina #seechina #chinatrips #travellingdestinations #travelchina #chinatravel #explorerkids #travelwithkids #traveldiary #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #traveldays #holidayswithkids #traveltheworld #happyholidays #mysomewhere #opentheworld

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“Estamos a punto de volver a Vietnam y Emmie va a ir a la escuela durante unos meses mientras trabajo para tratar de ganar un poco de dinero y seguir en el camino”, dijo Evie, según declaraciones que reocge el portal Daily Mail.

El único ingreso que tiene la madre es el alquiler de su vivienda en Australia, lo que les permite extender la vida que se han propuesto.

We are having a home day today in the nice warm apartment, I am trying to do a HIT workout after months of inactivity in front of one amused and critical child, a perplexed dog and disinterested cat. The rest of the day is for lazing. I love homedays! This is one of my favourite piccies of me and a Emmie from our adventures, and it was taken in China just a few months ago. Like most mums I don't have a lot of pics of us together but there are a bunch of hideous selfies that we just keep on the phone for us. Anyway this pic was taken at the incredible Jiuzhaigou National Park, about eight hours north of Chengdu by bus. The lakes here are deep and blue and crystal clear and the forest and sky is reflected in it like in a mirror. We had a great time with a bunch of people we met from the hostel and traveled on a crazy bus ride with (the guide kept screaming down a microphone and every time we stopped I would pull the cord out haha) – Malgorzata from Poland, Nata a Russian model and your typical fabulous Israeli man, Daniel – active, fun and athletic. We had a ball together and donning these Tibetan costumes for a pic was a nice rest from hiking . . . . . #gltlove #traveltime #traveltheworld #openmyworld #familyfun #escape #besttimes #funtimes #worldschooling #travelfam #travelwithkids #familytravel #famtravel #kidstravel #travelkids #holidayswithkids #takemethere #instagood #travelgram #travelbuddy #traveldiary #instapassport y#chinatravel #mytravelgram #ouradventure #worldschooling #lpkids #travelmum #roamfree #mytravelbuddy

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Además ha creado en una cuenta en Instagram en el que supera los 48.000 seguidores, tras publicar más de 1.200 fotografías.

Ahhhh Paris! It was not in our plans for this year but our friends at @thaiairways made it happen! A few months ago we found ourselves in this magical city and I got to introduce Emmie to her favourite tower in the world – L'Eiffel We stayed in Marais and walked around 20 kilometres each day and had such fun together – from boules on the Seine, the Barbie exhibition, Musee L'Orangie, falafel in the Jewish Quarter, sailing boats in the Jardin du Luxemborg, playing in the sunshine in beautiful parks, Disneyland and so much more We met up with Emmie's beautiful au pairs from back in the day when I worked full time. At different times these lovely girls looked after Emmie and became part of our family – and we didn't have au pairs cause we're rich and fancy. At home babysitters cost $25 an hour and au pairs live in and charge from $6 an hour PLUS you get to know them and become great friends. And then, best surprise of all. One of my most favourite people in the world, Todd, saw we were in Paris and came soaring in from Washington, bringing armfuls of Moet and treating us to brunch at Laduree and dinner and drinks at other fancy places around town. Gotta love a fairy Godfather ✨ LOCATION: The top of the Printemps building on Haussmann! Very quiet and there's a small cafe and bar selling yummy champagne. You can sit at the tables and take in the view – you don't even have to buy anything!) just make your way up through the department store to the top . . . . . . . . . #loveparis #thaiairways #seeparis #weloveparis #visitparis #photoftheday #picoftheday #parisfrance #parisjetaime #pariswithkids #openmyworld #ditchingsuburbia #seeparis #happydays #greatday #bestday #weloveyouparis #beautifulparis #bringthekids #travelmums #worldschool #travelgram #travelwithkids #instatravel #travelmemory #holidays #goeverywhere #lpkids #letsgo

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Everyone gather round for a selfieeeee! Whoooo selfie stick time was very popular at the end of each class on our last day at KNGO School in Battamabang. We helped with four one hour classes from 1pm – 5pm each day. These kids are so well behaved, keen to learn and really, really sweet. I got lots of hugs and high fives at the end of class and I would love to go back and do some proper teaching – getting a TEFL certificate is in my plans…and a dream of a School of Rock class with Em playing an organ like the Partridge Family (google, young 'uns) and me on a roving mic that makes my voice go up and down and all around…our students would learn so much and sing all their lessons and excel at everything, oh the fun we would have But in seriousness I will write a blog post but I didn't post too much here cause it's not like we are fabbo people riding in to teach English and make everything great and save the students – because the teachers, the school and the program is awesome, although of course underprivileged and in need of help and donations. We actually did very little – we helped with pronunciation and sang songs and assisted in class. I felt lucky that the teachers let me do so much. I'd love to go back capable of taking my own class and spend more time helping them – if you're in Cambodia definitely take at least a few days to go help, they'd love to have you [Em is off running around barefoot with kids who have finished their class] . . . . . . . . . #cambodia #battambang #visitcambodia #explorerkids #khmer #bolunteer #lovecambodia #instnature #travelwithkids #traveldiaries #littlestepsasia #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #kngo #travelstoke #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #kngoschool #teachenglish #traveltheworld #traveldeeper #traveljunkie #battambangcambodia #travelcambodia #travelblog #cambodiawithkids #lonelyplanet #mysomewhere #kathmandu

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