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6 marzo, 2019

This dachshund spent 12 hours in freezing weather, and he didn’t know if he could make it when they came to rescue him. The man was arrested, but he’ll soon be released if he pays the full amount of the bail.

There are many cruel people out there who are capable of mistreating living beings as if their lives don’t matter. They have no problems in hitting, injuring, or abandoning animals, specially if they consider they are “bothering” them. This is the case of 39-year-old Paul Garcia, who was charged with felony animal abuse by the Missouri Police Department.

It had all started when one of the sheriff’s officers was Patrolling the Old Highway M & Schneider Road, when he found this dachshund abandoned on the streets in 30-degree weather. But as he approached him, he noticed he had his mouth and legs wrapped with duct tape, that he was malnourished, and on the verge of death.


The dog was found about 12 hours after Garcia had thrown him out the window of his car.

So he was immediately taken to a nearby Animal Hospital, where he was examined, and where they had to freeze the tape so that they could slowly peel it apart without hurting him even more. Laura Ivan, a veterinarian at the Hospital, said that Jimmy, his new name, would be okay, but that they wanted to keep him under observation for a few days.

«He couldn’t move, bark, or open his mouth, and he was abandoned,” she told KMOV4, and she added that even though she had worked for 30 years in this field, she was not prepared for this.


Garcia’s bail was set at $50,000 cash, but there’s no doubt he should have received a more severe punishment.

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