Por Camila Londoño
29 abril, 2016


La era de los superhéroes en la pantalla grande no ha llegado a su fin. De hecho, falta mucho por ver. Para la tranquilidad de muchos fanáticos, los estudios Marvel, Fox y Dc Unite están motivados y trabajando de forma dedicada para estrenar, entre 2016 y 2020, una larga lista de películas que le darán vida a grandes e icónicos personajes de cómic. Estas 34 películas son algunas de las que llegarán en los próximos cuatro años. Será difícil esperar para verlas.

1. Capitán América: Guerra Civil  (2016)

#CapitanAmerica #CivilWar #ironmanvscaptainamerica #Libertad #Seguridad 6/5/2016

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2. X-Men: Apocalipsis (2016)


3. Escuadrón suicida (2016)


4. Doctor extraño (2016)

"You wonder what I see in your future? Possibility."

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5. LEGO Batman: La Película (2017)

"Hey "puter, I'm home." #LEGOBatmanMovie

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6.  Wolverine (2017)

Richard E. Grant has been cast in "Wolverine 3!"

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7. Guardianes de la galaxia volúme 2 (2017)

-can't wait to see mini-groot in the #guardiansofthegalaxy movie #volumetwo

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8. La mujer maravilla (2017)


9. Spiderman Homecoming (2017)

10. Película de Fox sin título (2017)

Podría ser la película de Gámbito.

It's been a while since I wrote my thoughts on some news and put that here for you followers who refuse to subscribe to my channel… Anyway. Here is a short article on the gambit news. So gambit was moved again because they are re writing the script. And the two titles in the future fox is refusing to name could mean that we may not be getting the gambit movie we expected. To anticipate their next move we have to think back to 2000 where we got the first X men movie. It followed wolverine from beginning to end. The first act was to develop him and the rest of the movie it was about him linteracting with the team. We were introduced to the X men through his eyes and they built the universe around him. A few years later when a magneto origins movie was pushed back again they decided to rename it "X men first class" and the first act followed magneto and his origin and developing his character until they put him on a team and we were introduced to the team through his and Charles' eyes. Now we come to the gambit solo movie. It is pushed back for rewrites and the title has not been released. So this is my theory. We aren't going to get a gambit solo movie. One movie fox is Deadpool 2. This will introduce cable and put a few more X men in there and we may have the movie about the X force getting together. Then, the X force movie, will be like first class or the first X men movie. We are introduced to gambit and his origin in the first act then he is introduced to the X force and joins the team and we sort of see the events taking place through him. He would be the main character, it would be his movie. Only it would not be called gambit origins, it will be called "X force: generic second title" this is what fox has done since the start and it is what they need to do again. Solo X men movies are hard to do right because when every movie is an avengers type team up when we break up to see one character it feels empty. If you want a gambit movie, make an X force movie through the eyes of gambit. He deserves justice. I just hope they come up with something clever like this because a movie with this much bad stuff to happen before it even starts filming is never good.

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11. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

12. Liga de la justicia parte uno (2017)

Awesome Justice league fan poster #justiceleaguepart1 #dcextendeduniverse

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13. Película de Fox sin título

Podría ser la secuela de Deadpool u otra de X Men o…

#RiseAndShine! #Deadpool tickets are on sale NOW. Link in bio.

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14. Pantera negra (2018)

15. Flash (2018)

⚡The Flash⚡ #dccomics #Theflash #theflashmovie

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16. Los Vengadores: la guerra del infinito – Parte 1 (2018)

My very first post! #marvel – I'm a new Avengers Fan account!

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17. Ant-Man y la Avispa (2018)

18. Película de Fox sin título (2018)

Podría ser una película de X-Men con nuevos mutantes.

Bruh!!!!! Lord I can't wait, a month away #XMenApocalypse #Xmen #Marvel #squadgoals

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19. Aquaman (2018)

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20. Spiderman animado (2018)

21. Capitán Marvel (2018-2019)

#CaptainMarvel is coming! #CarolDanvers will be soaring into theaters #Summer2018! #Marvel

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22. Shazam (2019)

Sólo se sabe que el actor de La Roca será el villano.

23. Los vengadores: La guerra del infinito parte 2 (2019)

Team Ironman #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #Marvel #TeamIronMan

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24. Liga de la justicia – Parte 2 (2019)

Amazing Dawn of Justice fan art.

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25. Inhumanos (2019)

Inhumans pushed to July 12, 2019

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26. Cyborg (2020)

Dicen que Ray Fisher será el protagonista.

Say it loud! I'm BORG and I'm proud:) #BORGLIFE #batmanvsuperman #DC #WB #Cyborg #JusticeLeague

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27. Película de MCU sin título (2020)

Podría ser una secuela de Spiderman o una tercera parte de los Guardianes de la galaxia.

Tomorrow is the day YOU become Spider-Man! Tag a photo of your Spidey costume on Instagram with #SpideyHalloween.

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28. Cuerpos de Linterna Verde (2020)

29. Película de MCU sin título (2020)

Hay muchas posibilidades: Spiderman, Pantera negra, Guardianes de la galaxia

30. Película de MCU sin título (2020)

Algunos sugieren que podría ser Blade. 

31. Película de Batman (Ben Affleck) sin título (2020)

"Everything's impossible until somebody does it."

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32. Escuadrón suicida 2 (sin fecha)

Justice has a bad side. #SuicideSquad #August2016

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33. Venom (sin fecha)

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34. Gambito (sin fecha)