By Upsocl
noviembre 23, 2020

“Rest assured, you’re Superwoman. Don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise.”

Accepting how they look after giving birth is something that many women still find very challenging. This is despite the fact that there are many movements working to promote the idea of body acceptance, especially among new mothers. However, even though numerous  celebrities have opened up in the subject and tried to portray their experiences honestly, some women still feel ashamed of their postpartum bodies.

Many women feel disappointed when their bodies don’t ‘bounce back’ to how they looked pre-pregnancy and it’s all down to what they’re seeing online. But that’s not how it works, the reality is quite different.

And what matters is that regardless of whether your body does or doesn’t change during or after pregnancy, you should know that all women are beautiful, amazing and strong, And there will always be stories that can help empower you during this process so that you don’t feel you’re alone.

Because now even famous women have come forward and decided to honestly show how their bodies look postpartum. And it’s all so that other women can understand that they’re beautiful just as they are.

Just like some of the women that you’ll see below.



Three days PP after an induced 38 hour labor and unexpected c-section. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I was feeling good and confident for a while until the REAL pain hit. I was terrified of the epidural and things spiraled from there. After heart rate dropped low 3 times, doc said we should call it quits. The rashes are from my allergy to adhesives.”



“I got pregnant for the first time at 20. I didn’t know much about pregnancy so I started to read books and online articles.  It was a routine pregnancy and delivery and I did everything I could to keep myself healthy for my baby. But nobody warned me about what would come after the delivery.

I didn’t look like I used to. I was many pounds heavier and had stretch marks.I didn’t see any bodies that looked like mine and I began to feel ashamed of it. I carried that shame about my stretch marks and loose skin with me for 15 years. Even after losing weight, having a second child and losing the weight again.

It wasn’t until I started me healing process with yoga and meditation that I realized that I have to I had to stop punishing myself and accept my myself as I am”



“About 20 minutes after being closed up from c section #2 (sic) after baby decided to come 3 weeks early. Tired, super swollen, and in complete bliss.”



“This was 24 hours after giving birth. What I didn’t know when I took the pic (sic.) is that my son would soon be admitted to the NICU in the middle of the pandemic. He got better and came home. I am still going through therapy for postpartum anxiety and depression 5 months later but I love my son with my whole being and would do it all over again for him.”



“This was 5 days after the birth of my fourth baby in six years. My little boy had to go back to hospital as he was suffering from jaundice and I hated my body for failing him. My emotions were all over the place and I wasn’t producing milk. I cried all the time.”



“The internet makes us believe that women give birth quickly and that they go back to using their old jeans, The truth is that this is what postpartum looks like for many women. This is two weeks postpartum, with contractions, a swollen womb and hyperpigmentation. You know what? You’re still beautiful, mom.”



“Like 36 hours PP ? Wound vac and girdle from having a c section.” (sic.)



“Learning (sic) to love my new birth tattoos. I’ve always been an athlete with a fit body and now my body is curvy and full and stretched. But it created a beautiful and perfect little boy who was worth every mark.”


“Rest assured, you’re Superwoman. Don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise.




“4 days post Emergency C section. There is still a pouch there a year later. It’s my ‘Remy pouch’ I can’t hate it because my little man used to live in there”.



“When I was younger, I’d look at my mom’s belly full of stretch marks — and wonder why it’d gotten like that. ⁣ ’ …⁣ All the time, sacrifice, and strength it must have taken for her to endure a healthy pregnancy, followed by a cancerous molar pregnancy, followed by a “miracle” pregnancy.

I didn’t yet realize that, to her, those marks represented her kids, her two gifts. ⁣ It wasn’t until recently when I looked into the mirror and saw my own belly after birthing my own two babies that I realized: My belly is like hers. ⁣Full of stretch marks — that mark two of the most beautiful periods of my life.”



Four days after delivery (via c-section) I was readmitted to the hospital for severe postpartum preeclampsia, which caused massive swelling. The first picture was four days postpartum the second was 7 days postpartum when the swelling finally went down.



20+ hours of labor followed by an emergency c-section. His head looks so tiny here but it was too big for my pelvis…”

All of them are strong, brave women and, undoubtedly, real-life superheroes.