By Upsocl
noviembre 26, 2019

It’s just a matter of style and attitude.

Pretty often, plus size and curvy girls feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to clothing because they think it looks better on thinner women. However, clothes don’t go hand in hand with beauty standards, and if you wear them with attitude and confidence, you can look so much better than the model wearing that piece of clothing you’ve been dreaming of wearing.

That’s what the New York influencer, Kate Sturino, thinks. She’s a woman who’s proud of her body and who’s not afraid of the current beauty standards.

The young fashionista has more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram and constantly emulates celebrities’ outfits. She likes to prove that clothes look good not only on thin people but also on people who feel confident with themselves, just like her.

1. As Meghan Markle

2. She also looks spectacular

3. As Chrissy Teigen

4. As Gwyneth Paltrow

5. As Sandra Bullock

6. As Selena Gomez

7. As Emma Watson

8. As Kate Middleton

9. As Meghan Markle again

10. As Diane Keaton

11. As Katie Holmes

12. As Constance Wu

13. As Karlie Kloss

14. As Jessica Biel

15. As Jennifer Aniston

16. As Priyanka Chopra

17. As Busy Philipps

18. As Hailey Bieber

19. As Reese Witherspoon

20. It’s all about Style

And attitude! 💪