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septiembre 1, 2021

Joanna Girling cheated on her husband with Hassan Kahlied, 24, on a pleasure trip to Egypt. After having a fleeting relationship, the young man left her, admitted that he was going to marry another woman, and called her “fat and old.”

There are love stories that happen in the least expected moments, and that, just as they begin, they also end in the most sudden ways. That happened to a 45-year-old British woman named Joanna Girling, who found love on a trip to Egypt.

According to information from The Sun, Joanna traveled while married to her husband, and in the middle of her trip, she met a 24-year-old who worked as a waiter at the Sharm-El-Sheikh hotel, where the couple stayed.

Joanna Girling

Right at that moment, according to her, she was going through a hard time in her marriage. “Like a lot of married couples, we became less and less attracted to each other, but we stayed together for convenience, she commented.

It was then that the young man, named Hassan Kahlied, began to call her attention because of his personality and his appearance. “He was so flirty from the start that I knew he fancied me. We were talking and he made me feel sexy for the first time in years. I began sneaking out in the afternoon to meet him while John was lounging by the pool,” the woman explained.

Joanna Girling

Since she saw that her marriage no longer had any future, she considered cheating on her husband with Hassan. “I wanted to sleep with him from the first day I met him,” Joanna said.

However, in countries like Egypt, premarital sex was frowned upon. In fact, according to the woman, “Hassan said that we’d need a fake marriage certificate first,” or else they wouldn’t be able to rent a room.

Joanna Girling

After getting a fake certificate, the two were able to consummate their love. Days passed and Joanna returned to the UK and ended her marriage, confessing that she’d cheated on her husband.

She continued to communicate with Hassan and sent him money to help him. After a while, she returned to Egypt on vacation to see him again. “He took control of my holiday money, which was $1,284, saying that he’d handle it,” the woman explained.

Joanna Girling

“At first, I was surprised, but he explained to me that it was the custom in Egypt for men to deal with money. He said he wanted to look after me, so I handed over all my cash,” she added.

Time passed and the couple had a good time in Egypt. However, strange things began to happen. Hassan would leave and disappear for a few days, and rumors reached Joanna that he was going to marry another woman. He denied it, they argued, and Joanna left.

Joanna Girling

As they were leaving, the two chatted via text messages where Hassan confessed that he was going to marry another woman and that he thought that Joanna was “fat and old“. “I just didn’t understand. He’d told me that he’d loved me. Why lie?” said the woman.

The young man kept all of her money and told her that he was “sorry” because he was “poor“. Joanna forgot him and in her three months of wandering, she met another man whom she eventually married.

Joanna Girling

Despite her new opportunity in her love, she knows that there are people who don’t agree with the decisions she’s made over the years. Most of my family has disowned me, they haven’t spoken to me since I returned to Egypt. They think I’m foolish to be with him, but I don’t care. This is like a second chance for me,” the woman closed.