By Upsocl
diciembre 31, 2020

What this family had to go through after a baseless accusation for hugging each other in public is incredible.

Although it seems that the world has advanced, it apparently hasn’t progressed as much as we think it has because people still let themselves get carried away by their first thought without asking first. It’s precisely these prejudices that generate problems in society, since they interrupt the peace that everyone has the right to live with.

An example of this was experienced by Marileia and Karina Ramos, a mother and daughter who were accused of being a “lesbian couple” on a beach in Brazil.


They both hugged while posing for a photograph in the sand, but apparently the bathers didn’t like this and they were accused of lewd acts. They were approached by an official from the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, who asked them if they knew the rules of the beach.

They immediately thought that perhaps they had swum in an unsuitable space, or perhaps they had accidentally polluted.

However, their faces changed when they were told that he’d received complaints about lewd acts between two women. It was a shock for everyone, as the mother and daughter were on a trip with their respective husbands.


This all happened because they’d hugged each other while lying on the sand to take a picture. They were simply posing and, because of this, were accused of being lesbians.

The truth is that, if they were, it wouldn’t have mattered, but to top it off, they were close in another way. Once the officer found out that they were family, he was embarrassed and apologized.


The mother, Marileia, suspected that it was an accusation made due to intolerance because upon leaving, they noticed that the windshield of their rented car had been smashed in.

“We’d been traveling for six days, both with our husbands, and there’d been no problem. When we said we were mother and daughter, I saw that he got all embarrassed.”.

–Karina Ramos to Newflash

They find it incredible that at the end of a difficult year like this, people are still worried about hating on others. Even though they’re not lesbians themselves, they see no problem with this sexuality, and it bothers them to know that some people might be in danger because of their preferences.


In the end, it wasn’t a substantiated complaint. Only one person had accused two women of hugging in public. On top of that, their car was broken into and the police were unable to respond, something much more dangerous than just a lewd act.

Let’s hope that people can understand that love is love, no matter where it comes from.