By Upsocl
noviembre 27, 2019

Mary Lore Barra started to get suspicious when her cat Pixi came back home with a different collar, so she sent back a message under it. She received an answer that confirmed everything.

Cats are often recognized as very astute animals. We love them, but we know they’re cold and calculating. Mary Lore Barra got enough confirmation of this when she realized that her cat had two human families.

On her Facebook account, the woman shared her experience. “When you discover that your cat Pixi has two houses because he comes home with a new collar,” she wrote. The new collar was very different from the one she had put on him before.

Facebook Mary Lore Barra

This confused her, so she decided to find a way to confirm her suspicions. She wrote a message and put it under her cat’s collar before he left home. “His name is Pixi. I think he has two homes, hahaha,” she wrote.

Facebook Mary Lore Barra

It didn’t take long before she solved the mystery: indeed, Pixi had another family. The cat went back to Barra’s home wearing an answer from his other owners.

“His name here is Huarache. It seems like he does have two families, the sneaky thing, haha. Cheers! The kitty’s other parents,” they wrote.

Facebook Mary Lore Barra

After this story went viral on social media, they didn’t share more details. We don’t know who stayed with the cat or if he kept happily alternating between his two homes and the families who love him. That’s what I’d call having a good time.