By Upsocl
diciembre 5, 2019

She almost died.

Helping our children with their homework it’s one of the most difficult tasks for any parent, not because the subject is complex, but because getting the child to do it or be willing to understand it and work in it it’s something that, sometimes, can give us more grey hairs than any amount of debt or work. When our little ones give up and truly believe themselves unable to understand, convincing them of the opposite becomes a campaign worthy of appreciation.


But one thing is to gain some grey hairs and another entirely is for the sour moment to end up sending the parent into cardiac arrest. This is what happened to a mother in China, known as Wang, who’s always been devoted to her child’s educational development, even if this has made her worry or angry in the past. She’s there every night, willing to help with his homework and teach him what the teacher didn’t manage to do.

Sin Chew Daily

One night, this changed. It wasn’t due to a lack of compromise or because of skipping out on studying with her son, but because she reached such a high level of anguish when she didn’t get her son to understand the subject matter (a math problem he was unable to solve) that Wang ended up in great peril.

“I tried to explain it to him many times. But he still couldn’t understand it properly. I started getting angry and I felt like exploding. Suddenly, I felt nervous and breathless. I quickly called my husband and asked him to take me to the hospital.”

– Wang told to Sin Chew Daily.

Sin Chew Daily

Finally, she suffered a heart attack due to emotional reasons. In fact, the doctor said that, if she had arrived later, she probably would have died. According to the specialist, this sort of thing tends to happen to young parents due to unbalanced diets and strong bouts of psychological stress. Most of these patients are women.