By Upsocl
febrero 13, 2020

And Alice from Wonderland just wanted to buy drugs from the rabbit.

It’s likely that after you see the images created by artist Alex Solis, better known as alexmdc on Instagram, your childhood will never be the same.

Surely the image you had of your favorite characters as a child will change, but not for the better… (I think).

In an attempt to show a hidden side of these characters, the illustrator let his imagination run wild and gave disturbing twists to their main features, transforming several of them into totally creepy and strange creatures.

1. Baby Yoda

Instagram @alexmdc

Did you ever think that under all those clothes Baby Yoda would have a physique like that?

2. Beast

Instagram @alexmdc

It is always disturbing to see a shaved animal… and the Beast is no exception.

3. Alice and the rabbit

Instagram @alexmdc

So Alice was trying to buy hallucinogenic mushrooms from the rabbit… I guess that’s why she traveled to Wonderland.

4. Oscar the grouch

Instagram @alexmdc

Oscar the grouch hides a rather tragic story: he was the Oscars statue who turned out to have a miserable outcome.

5. Jafar

Instagram @alexmdc

After seeing that body, it’s not wonder why he was so eager to get the lamp … He wanted to wish to keep his top off!

6. Vilma

Instagram @alexmdc

Wow! So many muscles!

7. Betty Boop

Instagram @alexmdc

Well … we’ve got to stop promoting such unrealistic beauty standards.

8. PacMan

Instagram @alexmdc

Although now the ghosts PacMan eats are shaped as ice cream, he still eats them.

9. Buzz Lightyear

Instagram @alexmdc

It seems that this is why the Little Green Men wanted to escape: they wanted to spread their infection through the galaxy.

10. The Cookie Monster

Instagram @alexmdc

I’m sure you’ve never imagined what was under the Cookie Monster’s body.

11. Dora

Instagram @alexmdc

What is that?

12. Sleeping Beauty

Instagram @alexmdc

Apparently, Sleeping Beauty didn’t want the prince to wake her .. so, she never desired the kiss.

13. Mickey Mouse

Instagram @alexmdc

Under that friendly and adorable Disney mouse costume, there’s actually a terrifying monster.