By Upsocl
enero 13, 2021

Influencer and makeup artist Patrick MUA is the face of the campaign and he revealed eight different shades, one of which has been named after him. Times have changed.

The stereotypes surrounding makeup and gender have been repeated and reinforced over many years. Traditionally it’s been artists and musicians who’ve fought against the established “rules”, but now one brand has decided to join the struggle.

The brand in question is Avon Products, inc, more widely known as Avon, a company which has recently made the decision to include male models in their advertising campaigns, marketing new product launches.


And it’s nothing new for the company. Last year, to celebrate Diversity Month in June, Avon made history by publishing photos of men wearing makeup to market their “Mark” line of products. At that time they also emphasized the fact that makeup isn’t just for women and they also reached out to the LGBTIQ+ community.

The marketing campaign for “Mark” included the hashtag #ByMeForMe, which aimed to promote the everyday use of makeup among men and to stop it from being perceived as something exclusively female.

Instagram @patrickmua10

This time the face of the campaign is the makeup artist, beauty influencer and video blogger Patrick Mua, who models the products on his own face. In the campaign photo Patrick is wearing blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and highlighter. There are 8 different shades in the new Mark line, one of them being a new shade called “Patrick”.


The artist has dedicated himself to breaking down barriers and gender stereotypes on his Instagram, where he already has more than 14 thousand followers and uploads makeup tutorials. During this campaign, Patrick had the opportunity to work with Pamela Segura who he considers to be the “best makeup artist in Mexico”.