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diciembre 9, 2020

The story of Froylan and his 4-month-old baby boy became known through social media, and they asked for help all the way from Cusco (Peru). He used to work as a construction worker, but now he has to focus on taking care of his son, so he’s running out of money.

Just as there are excellent mothers and fathers, there are also those who simply don’t live up to the expectations. Everyone will have their own reasons for not taking care of their children, but in the end, the little ones are the ones who end up suffering. Anyway, the idea here isn’t for you to judge someone due to their lack of knowledge.

This is what happened to this baby with a cleft lip and his father. They were abandoned by his mother, who decided to leave and turn a blind eye to her family. They’re from Cusco (Peru), where they moved to treat the child’s problem.

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The name of the young father who’s asking for help is Froylan Huaman. Unfortunately, he must now face life alone with his little baby, since his mommy stepped out of the picture.

The mother’s motives are unknown, but either way, a child is never abandoned. This is the most repeated comment on social media, where the news has been spreading.

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They arrived in Cusco from Quillabamba – La Convención (Peru), in search of a better future, as well as to treat their son, who suffers from a cleft lip.

The baby is 4 months old. He was abandoned by his mother after one month of life.

“His mother left us when he was one month old. I would be infinitely grateful to those good-hearted people who’d like to help me with diapers or milk”.

Froylán told RPP Noticias.

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The young father usually works as a construction worker, but now he is unemployed and can’t leave his son alone either.

He doesn’t have the resources to buy milk, diapers, let alone pay for the operation. The situation is complicated.

In spite of everything, he has hope. He is confident that they’ll be able to get back up and move forward together.

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As he explained, there is the possibility of a free operation, but through a solidarity campaign, as he told RPP News media outlet. It’s no longer worthwhile to complain about the mom. The future is waiting for them and, with hard work, they’ll be able to get out of this problem, and nobody doubts that.

We’re wishing them a lot of strength and courage! You can get more information or learn how to contact them through the Diario Correo Perú newspaper.