By Upsocl
abril 30, 2020

Throughout China, he presents himself half-naked in small cages, demanding that the killing stop.

The Chinese government has already banned «slaughterhouses» of exotic animals and dogs. However, unfortunately, this is part of their culture. This is why some of these places still exist, run by people who haven’t developed any kind of affection towards these species.

What’s certain is that there are those people who fight for animals and are looking for a way for them to live in peace and without the fear of being eaten.

Hug China

One of these people is artist Pian Shan Kong, who’s become a devout activist in the fight against his country’s consumption of dogs. According to the Libera Animal Association, he usually travels all over China to bring his message.

In order for this to happen, he exposes his skin and locks himself in a cage in front of the slaughterhouses. In this way, he tries to show what the suffering of each one of those poor dogs would look like in a human.

Facebook / Asociación Animalista Libera

This artist isn’t young at all. At 47, he’s awakened the consciousness of many and has made it clear that it’s never too late to improve. However, he’s faced with a tough battle, since in addition to being a «tradition», this is a lucrative business that surely some people won’t want to leave behind out of greed.

This is because the consumption of dog meat in this country dates back thousands of years, making this nonsense socially acceptable.

However, we shouldn’t fall into stereotypes, since not everyone in China consumes this house pet. Some cities have decided to go ahead and abandon this mistreatment, which luckily recently became illegal.

There were several rumors about the origin of the coronavirus. Some said it started when someone ate a bat.

Village Voice

This alerts us about the damage that can come from eating these types of animals that don’t receive farm care nor offer nutritional value. Nature has already sent a signal to the world and activists like Pian Shan Kong continue to fight. This is what tells those populations that are wrong and must change.


Locking himself in a cage isn’t the only thing he does to protest against this business. He also usually kneels and asks nature for forgiveness for these kinds of dehumanizing acts. Although he’s the victim of ridicule and threats, he doesn’t give up because he knows that he’s fighting for something that he’s right about and that good people can never be the victims in a situation.

Hopefully, his message reaches more and more people so they can reflect on their actions. It’s always a good time to change and become a better person.