By Upsocl
agosto 27, 2020

Igor tried to save his owner, Montserrat, from a situation he thought was dangerous and became a celebrity on Twitter in the process. More than 625,000 people melted thanks to his beautiful gesture of concern.

For dogs, there is nothing and no one more important than their owners.

It doesn’t matter if they live among luxuries or if they don’t even have enough money to buy food for them, animals are always willing to do anything for the humans who care for, love and pamper them.


And because of how adorable and surprising the relationship is between pets and their owners, sometimes fun situations can occur, as is shown by the case of Montserrat and her dog Igor. 

Igor, the dog, would do anything to help his owner, Montse, when she needed it the most and although this wasn’t one of those moments, Igor came to the rescue anyway.


In addition to being a proud dog mom, Montse is an exercise enthusiast. A few weeks ago, she decided to record a video of herself doing pull-ups to make sure she stayed in shape.


Igor was there too, of course, but it’s safe to say he misread the situation.

Seeing Montse dangling and, in his eyes, a struggling, Igor did what any good dog would do. He placed a chair under her feet to help her get down.



The move with the chair came out of nowhere,” Montse told The Dodo. “I had no idea he was going to push it.”

To be fair, from Igor’s perspective, the pull-ups must’ve seemed pretty confusing and stepping in to help must’ve seemed like the right thing to do.


Although it wasn’t what Montse needed at the time, she appreciated the gesture. “I thought it was really funny. He’s really thoughtful,” said the proud owner.

Although Igor didn’t “save” Montserrat, his cute action did show his eternal concern and devotion to his owner, and this was understood by the more than 625,000 people who saw the images on Twitter and praised the little animal.

“Did you see him think it through? Like, he probably thinks you slipped out of your chair or something,” “we literally don’t deserve to have dogs, my damn heart breaks, they love us so much,” and “he’s saying ‘ma’am, can you come down please? It’s not safe,'” were just some of the thousands of comments that internet users sent to Montserrat.


While this young woman continues to exercise, her faithful dog Igor keeps a close eye on her, ready to help her the second time, whether she needs it or not. If this isn’t evidence that dogs are truly man’s best friend, nothing is.