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enero 27, 2021

His little girl didn’t like wearing baggy boy clothes, so he decided to create a brand especially for kids who don’t identify with the sex they were born with.

Fathers only have love for their kids, driving them to innovate when it comes to providing them comfort. However, nowadays there are other kinds of situations they deal with, just to see a smile on those innocent faces.

One example is Jami Alexander, who has a 12-year-old transgender daughter named Ruby.

Instagram / Jamie Alexander

For years when they went to the beach or other places, he watched his daughter, who was born a boy, struggle to find undergarments that made her feel comfortable and confident. Knowing that she wasn’t going to find any, Jamie decided to create a brand for people like his daughter and named it after her.

Rubies produces transgender children’s clothing up to size 20, with a shaping bottom so they can feel like the person they really are.

Instagram / Jamie Alexander

Ruby had always had an inclination for high heels and Disney princesses. Through these details, they realized that their daughter wasn’t a boy, even though he was born as one. Luckily, they sought out advice and allowed their son to look inward at what his gender was, and it turned out that he felt like a woman.

The thing is, as she got older, they realized that transgender women had difficulty finding bikini bottoms.

Basically, they don’t want their male reproductive organs to be visible and need clothes that address this. That’s when he started making them himself, inventing a simple garment that transformed the lives of transgender children.

“Being able to do something that most of us take for granted — namely, to go swimming without fear of being stared at or teased, or even targeted — can give a child a feeling of normalcy and belonging,”

–Jessica Herthel, co-author of the book about a transgender girl, told Today.

A simple padded pillow changed his daughter’s life and then the lives of many other transgender girls. That way, they can hide with a body part they were born with but don’t identify with.

Instagram / Jamie Alexander

In addition, it fulfils the function of a normal bikini as it shapes the body, is form-fitting and allows them to feel comfortable. It’s certainly a good way not only to do business but also to create wellbeing in a community.

Instagram / Jamie Alexander

Hopefully this will be of help and inspiration to many transsexuals who are struggling to find clothes that fit them. Now, they’ll be able to freely go to the beach without being scared of anything “moving out of place”.