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julio 15, 2020

Pablo Fustec, 32, didn’t hesitate to jump into boiling water to rescue his pet. Although he lost his life, his courage and love for animals left a great mark on hundreds of people who grieve his departure.

There are people who are willing to do anything to ensure their pet’s well-being.

Regardless of whether this means getting into debt, becoming homeless or even losing their lives, for some, their animals are what matter most.


A good – and tragic – example of this, is Pablo Manuel Fustec’s case, a French actor based in Mexico who lost his life trying to save one of his dogs that was in danger.

Fustec loved his pets more than anything else in the world. The theater actor wouldn’t leave his home without his three beloved dogs.

Andry Parra Cota

The love he had for his pets was so great that this man didn’t hesitate to jump into a sulphur hot spring after one of his pets fell in while they were on a walk through a sector of the state of Zinapécuaro, Michoacán.

The results of this heroic action were tragic. 70% of Fustec’s body was burned and he had to be rushed to a medical center to try to save his life.

Andry Parra Cota

For several days, Paul fought against his burns and clung to life. However, unfortunately, last July 6th, he left this world after suffering a heart attack.

The sad story of this animal lover may have had a tragic ending, but his sacrifice didn’t go unnoticed.

Andry Parra Cota

Thousands of people flooded social media with his image to remember the best of his life, talent, kindness and great love for animals.

“A hero has left us early. He was a great human being, who undoubtedly has left a mark on many of our hearts. Pablo gave his life for Sasha (his dog), that’s true love,” shared Andry Parra on Facebook.

The publication served as an anchor for all those who mourned the French actor’s death, who also took the opportunity to say goodbye and congratulate him on the great love and respect he had for his dogs.

Andry Parra Cota

“That’s how we animal lovers are, we give our lives for them”, “How sad, God rest his soul, I hope your dogs don’t end up on the street”, and “Thanks to this great human being, an angel was saved, now they’ll take care of him, thank you for your gesture, I feel the loss of your departure“, were just some of the hundreds of comments that commemorated Paul.

Andry Parra Cota

Although this 32-year-old no longer lives among us, his love for animals and his sacrifice will always remain present to remind us of the importance of loving our pets, no matter the cost.