By Upsocl
enero 29, 2021

Elena Ivanickaya didn’t suffer any consequences for her deplorable act. And what’s worse, she hasn’t shown the slightest sign that she regrets her actions.

Given its ability to unite people around the world with attractive content or, failing that, topics that generate mass interest, social media has given many people a space where they can come together and make a lot of noise about something that they have found to be wrong or unfair. Several social movements have been started and coordinated on social networks, as have more spontaneous, less organized groups that aim to make people answer for their less-than-virtuous behavior.


That’s what happened to Elena Ivanickaya, a Ukrainian influencer who became widely known for a controversial decision she made regarding her Syphnx cat.


The news, which we told you about a few weeks ago, at least showed an animal that appeared to be well-fed, healthy and normal, except for the eye-catching tattoo in the middle of its chest. In reference to the ancient Egyptians and their worship of cats, Elena Ivanickaya tattooed an image of the god Anubis on her poor animal.


According to many of the people who joined together in denouncing the Ukrainian influencer and bodybuilder, the cat’s skin is able to withstand the pin of a tattoo needle. Which is why putting a cat through something like getting a tattoo is torture for them.


The reply that Elena Ivanickaya gave at the time didn’t satisfy anyone: that the cat had been anesthetized while it was being tattooed


It’s been a while quite a while since this case came to light. And yet the story of Elena Ivanickaya and her poor tattooed cat is still firmly in the mind of many internet users, which is quite unusual, given the short memory the internet usually has.

Elena Ivanickaya and her cat are once again trending topics on Twitter and other social networks, mostly because the influencer has continued posting content with her cat, making it clear that her actions had no legal repercussions.


“Why would u hurt that poor baby!”

Comments left on Elena Ivanickaya’s Instagram.

What seems to be annoying people the most is that she still doesn’t seem to have shown the slightest sign of remorse for her actions.

Perhaps the aim for those who’ve begun to comment on the topic again is to keep the pressure on until it gets to be too much and the authorities have to intervene. If this doesn’t work perhaps they hope to attract the attention of international organizations like PETA.

Whatever the objective may be, there’s no doubt that they don’t find anything funny about seeing a poor cat hurt in this way.