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febrero 19, 2021

This happened in Denmark, where Bjarke and Lars needed an egg donation and the wombs of women who were close to them to make their dreams come true. “There were so many obstacles, but we just took one step at a time,” said Bjarke.

In recent years, a taboo that has been broken in society is that of gay couples having children. They’ve proven to be better fathers and mothers than many traditional families. These dads are yet another example of that, and they’re raising triplets.

They are Bjarke Damm and Lars Hansen, both 44. They’re a Danish couple who originally wanted to have a baby and start a family. Bjarke’s sister, Pia, and a close friend, Danielle McDavis, offered to help them, becoming surrogate mothers and donating their eggs for the process.

Bjarke Damm

According to Metro, Pia was the first to get pregnant with baby Anna. Then, two weeks later, Danielle also got pregnant, but this time with twins, Lily and Nora.

It was a scenario no one expected, but the couple is happy with their daughters, who they consider their miracle triplets. As commercial surrogacy isn’t legal in Denmark, the birth mothers have to wait 2.5 years to give the girls up for adoption.

Bjarke Damm

However, the necessary time has passed, so the girls will now legally belong to the couple. “It feels like the best Christmas present ever. It’s so great to be complete as a family, and it’s so important that we are legally recognized as parents of our three beautiful girls,” said Bjarke.

Bjarke Damm

“There were so many obstacles, but we just took one step at a time. Now, with love, respect and a lot of uncertainty, we’ve done it. I think we are the first gay couple in Denmark to become legal parents to all our biological daughters. They’re just amazing,” he added.

Bjarke Damm

Since their marriage in 2007, Bjarke, who is a psychotherapist, and Lars, a general practitioner, had dreamed of having their own children and now, after a long process, they’ve succeeded.

Bjarke Damm

Moreover, this all comes after several attempts to adopt where they were told that same-sex couples weren’t allowed to go through the process. “We were just longing and longing for family life. I felt such grief when I thought it was never going to happen. It was like losing a part of myself,” Bjarke said.

Now, they are left with the task of raising their little girls in the best possible way.