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diciembre 29, 2020

The birth of his and Sharon Fonseca’s daughter had been long awaited, and although today they celebrate their little girl’s life, they suffered when they found out she had this condition. That’s why they’ve put themselves in the place of parents who are going through this and want to support them with donations for reconstructive surgeries.

If we talk about couples who keep us up to date with their day-to-day lives and have really made us a part of their family, we automatically think of Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca. Since they met in 2018, everything has been hunky-dory, and the arrival of their first daughter arrived to seal all that love they have for each other.

Their daughter’s name is Blu Jerusalema. She is already two months old and now the family has decided to reveal their baby’s face to the world. However, they’ve also decided to reveal the story of the little girl’s birth, which wasn’t easy for neither these parents nor for this baby.

Instagram @gianluccavacchi

“With much love we want to share the story of the birth of our Blu Jerusalema. We are very happy that you finally get to meet her,” explained the businessman on his social media, giving way to a heartfelt post about the congenital anomaly that his baby suffers from.

It turns out that Blu was born with the anomaly called “cleft palate“, which consists of holes or indentations in the palate or the upper lip, or both, that are generated when the fetus’s facial structures don’t close completely during the gestation stage.

Instagram @gianluccavacchi

Those who suffer from this problem and aren’t operated on have difficulties eating, since there is a risk that liquids or food will come out from their nose. In addition, there’s the presence of chronic ear infections due to this condition.

For this reason, and upon learning about their daughter’s condition, Vacchi and Fonseca became completely focused on their baby and learned more about this abnormality. In fact, this led them to connect with families that have gone through the same situation from which “1 in 700 babies” suffer, according to the businessman.

Instagram @gianluccavacchi

Although their daughter Blu has a great medical team, which in due course will perform an operation on her to return her palate to normal, Vacchi has wanted to take a step further and support all those children and adults who suffer from cleft palates.

Through his support to the Operation Smile foundation – which performs surgery on children and people of other ages who suffer from cleft palates and other related conditions – the businessman has committed himself to the anomaly his daughter is suffering from.

Instagram @operationsmile 

Undoubtedly, this is an emotional and empathetic story starring Sharon Fonseca and Gianluca Vacchi.