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febrero 2, 2021

Chloe, only 8 years old, couldn’t hold back tears as she left school. Her teachers told her that the Bible only allows women to marry men. The next day, the school expelled her younger sibling as well to avoid hearing from the family again.

As children, we have a whole world ahead of us to discover. On the one hand, there’s what we’re taught in formal education, and, on the other, there’s what the world teaches us through experiences and feelings. Since the world is so diverse, we can’t expect everyone to grow up with the same ideas, especially the youngest kids, who are still forming their own identity. However, a Christian school in Oklahoma seems to think differently, since they’ve just expelled a student for not following the institution’s protocol.

Delanie Shelton

Chloe Shelton is an 8-year-old girl who was expelled from Rejoice Christian School immediately after she told a classmate on the playground that she had a crush on her. The assistant principal summoned her to his office to talk to her, and when he heard that the little girl didn’t think it was wrong to like her friend, he called her mother.

Delanie Shelton received a call where she was asked to go pick up her daughter, Chloe, because she’d just been expelled. When she arrived, she found her daughter sobbing. Her teachers had told her that the Bible only allows women to marry men.

Delanie Shelton

“Does God still love me?” was the first thing the little girl said to her mother as they left the school. The woman was in shock. She couldn’t console her daughter, who’d been treated like a criminal. The next day, the school notified her that they wanted to end their relationship with the entire family, so Chloe’s younger brother, who is 5 years old, was also expelled.

“They ripped my kids out of the only school they’ve ever really known away from their teachers and friends they’ve had over the past four years over something my daughter probably doesn’t know or fully understand.”

–Delanie Shelton told Fox News

Delanie Shelton

Delanie spoke to Fox News, defending her daughter, whom she’s raised with good values, teaching her that in the world, people can love anyone, regardless of their gender.

Delanie Shelton

The school, for its part, refused to comment due to privacy issues regarding any particular student or family. As for Chloe, the decision was categorical, forcing the little girl of 8 to look for another school in the middle of the pandemic, with an anguish in her heart that her mother says still hasn’t healed.