By Upsocl
octubre 8, 2021

Even though he only makes $5 a day by climbing up and down trees all day, his daughter’s company motivates him to keep going.

Children are a far better example to follow than many adults on this earth. Not because they are naïve, but because they see the good in people before seeing the bad, thus they don’t feel like lending a helping hand to someone in need brings them down. Especially if it’s a family member.

Jenny lives in the Philippines is 5 years old and dedicates her life to helping her dad, Nelson Pepe. Better known as “Dodong,” the blind man must work to support his family, and he makes it to the coconut plantation with Jenny’s help.

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They each hold on to the ends of a meter-long stick, thus guiding each other until they reach the 60 trees that Pepe must climb to collect the fruit.

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The three-minute video shows Jenny’s routine to help her dad. It went viral and even caught the attention of a media outlet and foundation that offered to help this family in need.

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With the help of the ABS media foundation, they were able to locate Pepe who went to Manila where he was diagnosed with the rare and unusual genetic disorder that damaged him to the point of blindness. His retina detached, so there was no way to save him.

Facebook Rubylyn Capunes

Since there is no cure, the foundation opted to donate money to Dodong’s family so they could buy food and not depend on only $5 a day to survive.

For now, they can live in peace.