By Upsocl
septiembre 21, 2021

Jillian had had the wedding of her dreams in Mexico, but a day later, her husband walked out on her because her mother-in-law was reportedly jealous of the way he treated her at the ceremony. This mother and son relationship went too far.

Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, but of course sometimes that lining is very thin, and it creates a situation that no one really wants to go through. That’s the lesson Jillian Kotzer experienced with her failed one-day marriage.

She and her fiancé got married on a paradisiacal Mexican beach to unite their love, sharing the moment with their families. However, Jillian never imagined that one of their loved ones would unleash chaos.

TikTok @ jillian_diana

Although the story happened in 2020, the event has gone viral again in recent days thanks to her testimony on TikTok. Many people still can’t believe that Jillian’s marriage ended because of her mother-in-law.

The day after they were married, her husband told Jillian that his mother had demanded that he choose between her and his fiancée because she’d been incredibly jealous of the way he treated her throughout the ceremony.

TikTok @ jillian_diana

Faced with that confession, the young man immediately cut off the relationship, took off his ring and left the place. For her part, Jillian also left, but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, she couldn’t immediately leave Mexico for Canada because the borders were closed.

She had to stay in Mexico until the quarantine in her country was over, and during that time, she couldn’t stay in the apartment they shared because her ex’s family had forbidden them to see each other. 

TikTok @ jillian_diana

Finally, Jillian decided to contact her husband to agree on divorce settlements, but the situation was even more complicated because she was planning to move out and could only deal with the matter after three years.

However, on the husband’s side of the family, Jillian’s former sister-in-law made a post also on TikTok to clarify that the young woman was lying, saying nothing like that had ever happened. According to the sister, her family gets along well, and they’ve always supported each other. She claims that, in fact, their relationship was a mistake from the beginning.

Was it really her mother-in-law’s fault? Whatever the case, they weren’t meant to be together.