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febrero 16, 2021

Sharon Hawkins, who’s in her 50s and divorced, got on Tinder to find a new love. At first she had no luck, until she decided to lower the search range to 19, which is how she met Perry. Despite the 28-year age difference, they see age as just a number.

 They say that there’s no age for love, and today, technology increasingly helps make this saying even more of a reality. However, even in a world that is increasingly based on the superficial, an engaged couple, who are 28 years apart, don’t seem to care – indeed. They have plans to get married, reports Ladbible.

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Sharon Hawkins is 50 years old and is a teacher in North Carolina, United States. She has a whole life under her belt. Years ago, she started a family, had children and then grandchildren. After being married for 16 years, she decided to divorce her husband in 2015, who was her same age. Years later, she discovered Tinder, a platform with which she didn’t have much success, as there weren’t as many users within her age range. However, then she decided to venture into somewhere else.

Hawkins widened her search range to the age of 19. She wasn’t interested in age, but in personality and quickly found herself checking out 20-year-olds. She felt like a teenager again.

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The Tinder search continued until she came across Perry’s profile. He was a 22-year-old Royal Marine whom Sharon thought looked like a model. She fell in love with his blue eyes and good looks, and when she “swiped right” on him, a “Match” was formed between the two. The teacher immediately couldn’t help but think of her children, as Perry was even younger than her youngest daughter.

However,  it was only a matter of getting to know each other to reach the conclusion that they were practically made for each other. When Sharon confessed to Perry that she was already a grandmother, the young man didn’t mind and they even flirted through text for days, until the woman invited him over to her house one night.

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The relationship went smoothly for a week. Perry met Sharon’s 23-year-old daughter but there were no problems, until the Royal Marine began to feel a little uncomfortable because of the age difference.

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Sharon accepted his decision, but they kept in touch every day until they both realized that they couldn’t live without each other. Ultimately, their 28-year age gap wasn’t a problem and they listened to their hearts. It was then that they became a match made in heaven.

“My friends all called me a cougar, it was hilarious. Admittedly, sexually, mine and Perry’s age gap was a kink. But it wasn’t just about that. He was romantic too, surprising me with hot oil massages and filling the house with red rose petals constantly. He made me feel so special.”

–Sharon Hawkins to Ladbible

All that was left was the hardest part for Sharon: getting Perry’s family to accept her. However, once she arrived at her in-laws’ home, the boy’s mother welcomed her with open arms and thanked her for making her son so happy.

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 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Perry moved in with Sharon and they’ve been living together for some time now. They say that when they’ve been able to go out together, they’re often mistaken as being mother and son, but they just laugh about it. On the other hand, living together has been going great and they’ve already made plans to get married.

Having the support of both their families is a relief for both of them, and they know that as long as they have each other, they won’t need anything else.