By Upsocl
julio 5, 2022

“I would love to know if it is possible to collaborate. I’d recommend you and showcase your services on my Instagram through my stories in exchange for food,” Colombian digital influencer Manuela Gutiérrez innocently wrote to chef Edgar Núñez, who owns a famous restaurant in Mexico.

In recent years, it has become commonplace for those who achieve success on social media to be called “influencers” because of the great impact they have on online society. However, there are those who simply can’t stand this group of people, as Edgar Núñez demonstrated after mocking a young woman on Twitter for asking him for food in exchange for advertising.

Instagram: @edgarnunezm

Edgar Núñez is a Mexican chef, who works at his own restaurant called Sud777, a place dedicated to contemporary signature food. Since his preparations are eye-catching, colorful and elegant at the same time, the chef’s business quickly became popular on Instagram, where he’s accumulated 49,000 followers.

One of the many people who took an interest in Edgar’s exotic food was Manuela Gutiérrez, a well-known Colombian influencer. As her job is social media, she is used to collaborating with important brands, where she uses a “swap” system: she is given a free service in exchange for posting on Instagram and advertising what she consumes at no cost.

Instagram: @sud777mx

Manuela had a trip planned with her boyfriend to Mexico, so she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Edgar’s restaurant. For the same reason, the young woman contacted the renowned chef, asking for free food in exchange for publicity.

“I would love to know if it is possible to collaborate. I’d recommend your and showcase your services on my Instagram through my stories, which will be anchored in a highlight, in exchange for food. It would be an honor for me to work with you”.

Manuela Gutiérrez to Edgar Núñez.

However, Edgar wasn’t interested in generating publicity with the influencer who has 64,000 followers on Instagram. The chef only responded to the message with an ironic laugh and then uploaded the conversation on Twitter to expose and criticize the woman. “International scroungers,” he wrote next to the post.

Instagram: @manuguti95

The chef not only called Manuela and her boyfriend “freeloaders”, a term used for those who get everything for free without working in Mexico, but also claimed that the influencer only had “1/4 of the followers” that he himself has on Instagram, a social network where he is followed by 106,000 people.

Although Edgar’s attitude was supported by some who detest influencers for “asking for everything for free“, there were users who criticized the chef’s actions, as they stressed that this was Manuela’s job, and she was just offering him a service.

Twitter: @edgarnunezm

However, what happened next between the girl and the chef is a mystery, as they never spoke about it again.