By Upsocl
enero 29, 2021

He removed his nose and the upper part of his lips to become what he dreamed of. Now that he’s achieved this and is just like an extraterrestrial, he has trouble communicating with earthlings.

Surely throughout your life you’ve heard the phrase that warns us to be careful what we wish for. When we get it, the results aren’t always what we expected and sometimes there’s no turning back

Some time ago, we told you about Anthony Loffredo, a 31-year-old Frenchman who always dreamed of being an extraterrestrial and even went under the knife to achieve his dream.

Instagram / The Black Alien Project

It wasn’t an easy process, as he removed his ears, nose and split his tongue in half, and that’s not even including all his tattoos, since he’s covered his entire body in them, including his eyes. It was then that the “black alien”, as he is known by those close to him, became famous.

The thing is, although he’s happy with his change, there are some alterations that are affecting his daily life.

Instagram / The Black Alien Project

 One of them is that after removing the upper part of his lip, he’s had serious difficulties speaking at the same speed as before. Apparently after this drastic change, it’s been difficult for him to modulate words well.

Of course, speaking is an important part of everyone’s life. It is a way of communicating with the rest of the world and he hasn’t had an easy time with it.

Instagram / The Black Alien Project

Surprisingly, however, this problem hasn’t stopped him from wanting to continue changing his body. On the contrary, he tells his Instagram followers that he wants to go for more, as his transformation is just beginning.

It’s quite hard to believe, especially when we do a before-and-after comparison of his image. However, as he said himself: “Ever since I was very young, I’ve been passionate about human body mutations and transformations.”

Instagram / The Black Alien Project

It is likely that this difficulty when it comes to communicating only makes him feel closer to the creature he wants to become.

“It’s become normal, even unconscious, to constantly think about my plans for the next few months. I love putting myself in the shoes of a terrifying character.”

–Anthony Loffredo a través on his Instagram

He’s an alien from another world, who understands human language but can’t be understood by ordinary beings. This is undoubtedly a rather daring project with his body that he plans to see through to the end.

Instagram / The Black Alien Project

I can’t imagine the pain he must’ve felt at every stage of his change, but his happiness must be greater or else he wouldn’t continue moving forward with the process.