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noviembre 13, 2020

Yesenia Lisette Aguilar was 35 weeks pregnant when she was hit by a drunk driver. Her baby was born, but she died. James Alvarez wanted to show his infinite love for her.

James Alvarez lost his pregnant wife when she was run over in Anaheim, USA, last August. To honor her, he decided to erect an altar as tribute and have his picture taken with their daughter.

Yesenia Lisette Aguilar was 35 weeks pregnant and was walking with her husband on August 11 when an alleged drunk driver jumped the curb and crashed into the 23-year-old.

Facebook James Alvarez

Her baby, Adalyn Rose, was born through an emergency C-section, but Aguilar died in the hospital from injuries sustained in the terrible collision.

In the post that Alvarez shared on his Facebook account, he alludes to the famous Disney movie “Coco” to honor his wife. He and his daughter Adalyn will always remember her. “Remember me… Though I have to say goodbye. Remember me. Adalyn and I will always remember you,” he wrote next to the moving images.

Facebook James Alvarez

The images were taken by photographer Vanessa Carbajal Sandoval and show Alvarez tenderly holding his little daughter in front of an Altar of the Dead that was built to honor his wife’s life.

The altar includes an image of a pregnant Aguilar surrounded by Cempasúchil flowers, orange Mexican marigolds commonly used in altars to create a path that represents the passage of the deceased from our world to the world of the dead, with candles and other religious symbols.

Facebook James Alvarez

Álvarez dressed as a catrín, an iconic figure for Mexicans that symbolizes life after death; and his young daughter, Adalyn wore traditional Mexican clothing with a colorful shawl and flower crown.

Facebook James Alvarez
Facebook James Alvarez

The alleged driver who ran over Aguilar was charged with murder for the crime of driving under the influence of drugs that cause injury, as well as with a misdemeanor for driving with a suspended license. If convicted of the charges, she’ll be facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. She pleaded not guilty to the murder charges in September, according to NBC Los Angeles.