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enero 25, 2021

“When I was 4 months old my mom abandoned us. Now I’m 26 and my older sister’s 29. My dad and my grandma looked after us” said his eldest daughter.

A parent’s love means that they will do anything for their children. They give everything even when they have nothing to give. Pablo Acuña is one such loving parent. The 60-year-old man from Paraguay doesn’t have upper or lower limbs, but it’s never stopped him from raising his two daughters.

Pablo’s world came crashing down when the girls’ mother abandoned them when his youngest daughter was just a newborn. But his disability didn’t stop him from raising them without her because his desire to give his daughters everything was so strong.

Élida Acuña

And that’s what’s happened because the girls have always had everything they’ve needed. He uses a cart to get around as he doesn’t have arms or legs but, what he definitely does have, is a huge heart.

“My dad is my world. He’s my friend, confidant and he’s the best dad in the world. That’s why I left my life in Argentina behind so that I could stay and look after him because my grandma can’t anymore as she’s elderly” commented Élida, Pablo´s youngest daughter, in an interview with Crónica.

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“He can’t move around independently, he depends on someone else even to go to the bathroom. But he’s able to use his cell phone by using his nose to dial the numbers and he operates the TV remote in the same way” she added.

Just as he made every possible sacrifice for his daughters when they were little, they are now returning the favor. Élida knows all too well just how much he sacrificed as she was just a few months old when her mother abandoned her and left her as Pablo’s sole responsibility. She values him immeasurably.

“When I was 4 months old my mom abandoned us. Now I’m 26 and my older sister’s 29. My dad and my grandma looked after us” said Élida Acuña.

Élida Acuña

That’s why she also recognizes that her father tackled every problem with the best attitude. “I never saw my dad sad. He’s always happy and he gives me very wise advice, despite the fact he never went to  school. He’s a very intelligent person, I look up to him. He’s the best dad in the world” she said.

Due to a birth defect, Pablo never developed his arms or legs which left him dependent on a wooden cart for life. “He practically lives in his cart which acts as his legs, he even sleeps there as he says he feels more comfortable” said his youngest daughter.

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Luckily, despite his age he’s never suffered from any other illness and is generally in good health. Something that Pablo still hopes to achieve in his life is to own his own house and he doesn’t have long to go until he’ll be able to make that dream a reality.

“My Dad’s biggest dream is to own his own house. We live in rented accommodation and the landlady of the house we live in wants to sell it to us, for the price of 95 million Paraguayan guaraní. We only have 8 million guaraní left (equivalent to 1,155 dollars) until we can make his dream come true” said Élida.