By Upsocl
enero 28, 2020

The touching scene took place in Saudi Arabia.

Animals offer everything we humans lack: empathy, loyalty, companionship and generosity. Not only are they able to deliver those values among themselves and the different species in the wild, but also with us. We have a lot to learn from them.

If society behaved a bit like animals, we’d have a much different reality from the hostile one we are obliged – and destine ourselves – to live.


It seems that they know how to read us better than we do ourselves. They understand us in a very particular way. Just another reason to love them and definitively affirm: we don’t deserve them.

YouTube/alriyad 2

In Saudi Arabia, a camel owner felt this love personally. After losing his son, he received the comfort of his beloved camel, according to local UC News portal and social media.

The man left his flock for three days while mourning the death of his little boy. Upon returning, one of his camels went straight to him and «hugged him.» It was a greeting full of love and containment.

YouTube/alriyad 2

Watch this video:

The images are truly touching. That unique connection is totally clear. The camel is determined to not leave his owner alone with his sadness. He doesn’t want to let him go.

YouTube/alriyad 2

Who gave them permission to be so adorable?