By Upsocl
febrero 6, 2020

The Reed family watched with amazement and respect how the gigantic animal took advantage of their facilities to cool off. But their surprise quickly faded when they saw the “gift” he’d left for their hospitality.

It was a day like any other. The Reed family shared with friends on the eve of the new year and were ready to properly say goodbye to 2019.

Brent, the father of the family, is the director of a safari company located in Maun, Botswana. He lives with his family in the beautiful African country. Together, they managed to settle down and prosper in an exotic land full of challenges and opportunities that they were successful in during the year they were bidding farewell to.


Regardless of all their experiences, nothing and no one could prepare them for the visit they would receive to close the year.

A gigantic male hippo decided to bathe in their pool to escape the intense temperatures that were recorded on December 31.

Brent Reed

«There’s been a drought for most of the year. The Thamalakane River has dried up, so our pool was probably the most welcoming place for him to stay since our house is next to the dry riverbed,” the man explained.

Brent Reed

While the animal seemed delighted to be there and didn’t flinch when Brent’s son approached him to see him more closely, hippos are the deadliest animals in Africa. They had to respect him and hope he decided to leave before continuing their end-of-the-year celebrations.


This specimen, however, seemed to have no intention of hurting anyone. After cooling down for a few hours, he decided to leave the Reed’s pool and return home, but not before showing his gratitude.

The initial astonishment that the Reeds felt in the presence of their guest was quickly replaced by immense disgust after they found out that the animal had left them an unconventional gift in exchange for their hospitality: more than 100 kilos of feces that now floated in their pool.

Brent Reed

While 2019 was full of challenges, and he knew that the new year would be the same, Brent never expected to spend the first hours of 2020 cleaning and vacuuming kilos upon kilos of poop a rude guest had left behind.

If his year started like this, we’ll just have to wait to hear the stories he has about 2020.