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mayo 6, 2020

While Andrea Ivanova loves her new look, she’s admitted that she wants her lips to be even bigger, despite the difficulties she has when eating.

Cosmetic surgery has gone through several changes over the years. At first it was quite accepted and almost all the most famous stars had undergone a touch-up or two that, of course, they never admitted to getting. Anyway, the procedures were welcomed. Then, it was rejected due to its detrimental health consequences, and valuing natural beauty became the norm. Today, I think we’re facing a new and complete cosmetic surgery apex.

Women are no longer afraid to talk about the procedures they’ve had done and even give tips to look like them. This time, it was the self-proclaimed «Human Barbie» who surprised the world with her uncommonly voluptuous lips. With 20 filler injections, they’re something we’ve never seen before.

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The patient is Andrea Ivanova, 22, from Bulgaria, who today claims to have perhaps the largest lips in the world. They’re probably the lips with the most filler we’ve ever seen. Not even Kylie Jenner has reached that level.

Although it looks quite painful and they look like they’re about to explode, this is something Andrea really wanted. The truth is that she’s still not satisfied with the result and is looking to enlarge them even more.

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Perhaps for Andrea there’s still no lesson to be learned…