By Upsocl
abril 1, 2021

“I want that day to be magical and even special,” said Jessica Alves, former “Human Ken”.

Over a year ago, Jessica Alves, the so-called “Human Barbie“, officially declared herself a woman after undergoing surgery to completely change her body and achieve what she’s always wanted: to be a woman. Jessica recently underwent a “gender reaffirmation” surgery and says she is now ready to be with men.

In fact, to be more exact, the “human Barbie” not only assured that she’s ready to date men and, but that she wants to “lose her virginity”.

Jessica Alves

According to an interview published by The Sun, Jessica has even received “offers” to spend the night with a man, and that she even has “plenty of suitors”.

“One man offered me 15,000 pounds sterling! I would never sell my body, I am looking for love and not for money. The issue is that I don’t have anyone on my radar yet. I want that day to be magical and special even, so if I have to wait longer for it, I will do so until the right man for me comes along.”

-Jessica Alves in The Sun. 

Jessica Alves

On the other hand, the “human Barbie” also commented that when she was a man, she avoided relationships with “gay men” because she has always considered herself a woman with a “female brain”.

In fact, she also said that she liked to wear her mom’s clothes and pretend she was a woman when she was little. Today, she dresses like a woman and looks happy doing it.

Jessica Alves

As for surgeries, Jessica had an operation called Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty, or sex reassignment surgery. It cost her more than 13,000 euros, but she’s now very happy because she assures that her new vagina will work like “any other biological vagina”.

“I am 37 years old and I chose a vagina that looks young, the equivalent of an 18-year-old’s. My vagina will function the same as  a biological vagina and in three months from now I will be able to lose my virginity and have intercourse.

I love my new vagina, it’s a little swollen, but it is very cute. I am now able to start my new life as a happy woman.”


Jessica Alves in The Sun.

She also said that she will soon undergo a new surgery to have bigger breasts and remove her chin implant.

Jessica Alves

She hasn’t decided to stop quite yet.

Will she ever?