By Upsocl
noviembre 27, 2020

He went from Nicole to Nicolas. It wasn’t easy: he spent 20 years of his life hiding who he was, which even ended up causing him heart problems.

Living true to yourself is part of growing up in life. However, when there’s  disagreement between mind and body due to biological issues, it can end up being a life sentence. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people still live with permanent prejudices and predetermined roles, which they believe are supposed to be fulfilled from birth. Being a man or a woman isn’t always defined by our bodies, and this is something that little by little, generations are coming to understand as time goes by and there is greater access to information.

Nicole Romano was an Argentinean girl who had had been facing a battle in her head since she was a child. Although Nicolas was born a girl, he had never really felt this way, and it took 20 years for his body to feel like his own. He underwent gender reassignment surgery and his radical change went viral when he decided to upload it to TikTok.

Nicole y Nicolás – Infobae

On September 21, Nicole, or rather Nicolas, “signed a peace treaty with his body”, as he says on TikTok, where he uploaded a video showing his incredible change from woman to man.

“I will never hide my past, because my past is part of who I am today. Yet, I should also tell you that in these photos you’ll see a very feminine Nicole, who seems happy. Well, the truth is, she wasn’t happy at all.”

Nicolas Romano toInfobae

The viral video only lasts a few seconds but has accumulated over 4 million views. It shows him in his school days as Nicole and then dancing to “Que digan lo que quieran de mí” (“let them say what they want about me”, surprising everyone with his incredible transition.

For Nicolás, becoming a man means finally being able to be at peace with himself, given that since he was a child, he suffered a constant struggle in trying to hide his feelings.

“I played with Tic Tacs. I was about 8 years old. I would take a pill and turn into Nicolas and behave like a boy. But it was a secret, and before anyone knew it, I was taking another one to become Nicole again.”

  –Nicolas Romano to Infobae

Nicolás luego de Masectomía – TikTok

The hardest part happened at the age of 12, when he began to repress everything he was starting to feel with his body. His father, being quite conservative, forced him to dress like a woman and to stop wearing sportswear.

Over time, he began to realize that he liked women, and felt something that went even beyond that. He says he even had boyfriends, but that that was all a façade. At 18, he even fell in love with a friend of his, which turned out to be a catastrophe not only in his head, but also in his home, where he was called “a disgrace” and a “disappointment”.

Nicole at that time began to suffer from anorexia nervosa, his parents sent him to the psychologist, and they even thought he’d become sick from not eating. It wasn’t just that he liked women, but something much deeper within him. In poor physical and mental condition, they detected he had a heart arrhythmia, so he had to have surgery.

He says that once his heart was operated, Nicole died, and Nicolas was born. He had lived 20 years with a hole in his heart so he wouldn’t let that happen again.

Nicolás con su novia – Infobae

It was then that he decided to slowly start his gender change treatment. He even had a mastectomy to remove his breasts, and he showed the final results on social media.

Today, Nicolas has a very good relationship with the world, and his father has apologized to him. He no longer keeps anything in his heart and the most important thing is that he’s been able to heal both physically and mentally. He has a girlfriend who loves him, and who claims that he’s the freest person there is.