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enero 15, 2021

Will Baretto, a Venezuelan who emigrated to Chile, met two Poles who were already a couple. He fell in love with both of them, and, so, their polyamorous relationship began. They say that there are no rules when it comes to intimacy, and in the future they plan to be adoptive parents.

Love can be very diverse, both in the way feelings are expressed and how it is shaped. We are not only talking about sexual orientation, but also about the number of people who can make up a single relationship.

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Earlier we told you the story of two best friends who were in love with the same woman, so they decided to go out with the same girl. They ended up forming a “triad” and living together. As it turns out, polyamory isn’t limited to heterosexual relationships, and Will Baretto can confirm this after joining the relationship of an already established homosexual marriage, says Infobae.

It was 2017 and Will Baretto, a Venezuelan immigrant in Chile, met a Polish couple in a hostel. The pair was made up by Krzysztof and Mateusz, who’d escaped from their country due to the high rate of homophobia. 

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Will got close to the couple, who were already married, but with no intention other than to be friends. Over time, they got to know each other. The Venezuelan began dating Mateusz first while chemistry simultaneously emerged with Krzystof.

“I’d never considered the possibility of starting a relationship with two people. It had never crossed my mind or was in my life goals. I was single and thought it would just be a summer fling. But then we never separated again, and it’s been three years now.”

–Will Baretto told Infobae

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Sparks flew between the three of them, but they had to create a plan. Will needed to work while the Poles wanted to continue traveling in Latin America, but they stayed in Chile for a while so as to not be separated from the Venezuelan. In 2019, they ended up settling in Rosario, Argentina, where they currently live.

They share everything, including their bed, where they assure that sexuality has no rules. Sometimes it’s in threes, and sometimes in twos, but there’s always constant communication about it.

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Mateusz for his part says that the good thing about polyamorous relationships is that there are no molds, they can make their own rules, change roles, always with the intention of making everyone feel comfortable.

 As for the questions of their family members and other people, they’re clear that “they don’t care much what people say,” as long as they feel good about the relationship.

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In the future, they are looking to buy land and live from permaculture, as well as become adoptive parents one day of brothers and/or sisters. To do this, they must wait until they’ve lived in Argentina for 5 years, something they’re very excited about.