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octubre 8, 2021

Despite her distress, British TV host Carrie Grant knew she had to understand them. “I thought, ‘Okay, I need to mourn this and move on,'” she said.

As the years and times go by, there are certain issues that become more normalized in both society and families. One such issue is those related to the LGBTQI+ community and sexual and gender identity. 

Many parents have witnessed how their children are defining their identities as they grow up, and as they have become more used to more traditional concepts, there are times when these changes cost them more.

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For Carrie Grant, a famous TV presenter and vocal coach from England, it’s been more than a challenge. That’s because, according to an interview she gave to The Sunday Times, all three of her daughters have declared themselves “non-binary.”

Her daughters are Olive Grey, 26, Tylan, 19, and Arlo, 15, who started using non-binary pronouns. In Arlo’s case, she identifies as a “demigirl,” or a person who doesn’t fully identify as female.


As the mother of four explained, when she learned that her daughters had found their identity she cried because she had a hard time processing what that meant. “There was a moment when I thought ‘Oh, I don’t have daughters anymore’ (…) I always wanted daughters. I’m the only woman left in the family,” she explained.

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However, she knew it was something she had to come to terms with and get over. “I managed to think, ‘Okay, I need to grieve and move on,'” the celebrity added.

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So far none of the three daughters have done any hormone treatment, but they already identify themselves as non-binary and started using their respective pronouns. It should be remembered that non-binary people do not identify with either female or male gender, but they aren’t categorized as transgender either.

According to the vocal coach, she still struggles to get used to calling them by the correct pronoun and sometimes gets it wrong. However, she also explained that her daughters understood her and that she always apologized for still adapting to these changes.