By Upsocl
agosto 5, 2022

The trailer of a truck carrying bales of cotton in Bataguassu was consumed by flames, but the panel of Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida, patron saint of Brazil, which was in the back of the truck, remained intact along with the engine, wheels, and cabin. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t hurt, and no one was injured.

Every day something is found that surprises people because of its rarity or because it seems to have no explanation, and we are always working to find it.

In the world, there are different types of people who have their own way of seeing life, and this can be seen in all religions. While there are people who don’t identify with any of them and don’t profess them, there are others who find strength and support in them, such as Christianity, one of the most predominant religions in the world. When a hopeful event occurs, believers often think it’s a miracle, as happened with a truck that was set on fire in Brazil.

Da Hora Bataguassu

On the Federal Highway of Bataguassu in Mato Grosso (Brazil), a truck carrying bales of cotton caught fire one morning, consuming the entire load, but a panel of Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida on the trailer wasn’t damaged and remained intact, according to G1.

The cab, wheels, and engine in front of the image were also unaffected.

JR Publicidades/whatsapp Da Hora Bataguassu

Interestingly the panel would have “protected” the cab with its structure, so the driver wasn’t hurt in the accident and no persons were affected. The fire was so big that the Bataguassu fire brigade had to use 600,000 liters of water to put it out, according to the same media outlet.

In addition, several water tankers were called to the scene of the accident to help.

Corpo De Bombeiros

As a result, traffic was slowed down for hours, so they had to use machinery to remove the load that was blocking the road. The cause of the fire hasn’t been identified, but the driver told Da Hora Bataguassu that he had passed another one a few kilometers earlier on the road and believes that a spark fell on the road.

As for the image, it’s the patron saint of Brazil who has a shrine in the city of Aparecida in the state of São Paulo. Thousands of followers go to visit her every October 12 to pay homage.