By Upsocl
octubre 12, 2021

For Luciana Mallon, relationships are a central topic in the society that she doesn’t understånd. She doesn’t need anybody but herself to be happy.

Interpersonal relationships can be tricky. Sometimes we have problems with ourselves, so imagine having to deal with others. However, socializing is part of being human, and although it isn’t an obligation, we tend to bond sentimentally and physically with others by doing so.

However, for Luciana Mallon, that isn’t, and never has been, necessary. At 47 years old, she shares that she is still a virgin and socializing with others is somewhat problematic for her.

Instagram / Luciana Mallon

She is an influencer and on Instagram she shares the benefits of living alone, without following any kind of social norm that motivates her to be with another person. The truth is that she declares herself asexual, someone with no desire to maintain intimate relationships but who can develop feelings.

Apparently, this has made it more difficult for her to stay together with someone. Due to the fact that they don’t usually understand her interests, she decides to forgo relationships altogether.

Instagram / Luciana Mallon

Her life hasn’t been easy, as she said that her peers even excluded her when she said she’d never get married, something that made her very sad. 

That’s why she has tried to live her life as a single woman in the best way possible. For Luciana, it’s not about being accompanied but about being happy. That’s why on Instagram she shares her life and how everything is going for her on her own. Luckily, she goes to dance and poetry reading classes and participates in other activities as well.

Instagram / Luciana Mallon

She knows that many label her a spinster, but she also understands that those are conceptions of the past that don’t rule her life. So, she focuses on the positive things her followers have to say about her life as a quiet and fun bachelorette.

At the end of the day, sex isn’t an issue for her, and she has to find what to put her energy into. She has chosen to live an active life that is in constant motion.

Instagram / Luciana Mallon

Luciana Mallon confesses that she has fallen in love only twice in her life. The first time when she was 12 years old, and the second time in 1990. However, it didn’t work out, so being asexual and single became her lifestyle since she thinks it’s a bit painful to have to deal with those situations.

Instagram / Luciana Mallon

It has certainly been hard having to deal with social pressures, especially from her family, but as time progresses, she has been able to deal with that and believe in self-acceptance more.