By Upsocl
marzo 25, 2020

He did this to entertain his followers, who, unfortunately, can’t do anything for his health now.

Social media becomes a problem when we risk our lives for the approval of people we don’t even know. Even though they can contribute positively to the world, there are people who dedicate themselves to “influencing” others to perform actions that aren’t positive at all.

The point of this is that everything has consequences. Sometimes we come out unscathed, but, unfortunately, other times we don’t.

Larz, a popular TikToker from California, gives us a clear example of what not to do. He thought it would be funny to record himself licking toilet bowls. His fans found it hilarious and he got many likes and approval. Unfortunately, he also got diagnosed with the coronavirus days later.

Days ago, we saw another influencer, Ava Louisse, do the same thing. She was the one who started this challenge and, when faced with criticism, she only replied: “I’m not affected by what they have to say because I’m blonde, skinny and beautiful.”

The problem is that young Larz apparently didn’t have the same luck. Now he’s being held at home and doesn’t know what will happen to his health. It’s now clear to us how dangerous the “coronavirus challenge” is and that there’s clearly nothing to justify it.

Toilets usually contain a large number of bacteria. This is quite a dangerous and irresponsible act because, in addition to the coronavirus, it could lead to people catching other diseases that are possibly untreatable.

His Twitter account has been suspended for engaging in such irresponsible acts and for inviting others to do so without thinking of the consequences.

The truth is that we wish him the best of luck. However, we weren’t surprised to find out that he was infected by this, and any other, disease. It’s critical to understand the influence of this virus throughout the world. Not doing so undermines the struggle of many.

It’s a little sad that this challenge has yet to be eradicated. The world needs to become more aware of what’s happening and take real measures against these actions.

Thousands of young people are active on social media every day and they’re led to believe that this is a way of having fun, when in reality they’re just unnecessarily putting their lives at risk. This quarantine can be used to do many positive things, however licking toilets isn’t one of these things.

Twitter / ndxlicious

We hope that users become more mindful of what’s happening and won’t copy what’s being done in these videos. There’s much more to life than just likes, especially considering how if you lose yours, you’ll have no way to gain them anyway.