By Upsocl
julio 29, 2022

“All animals have feelings, regardless of what humanity thinks. I pray that the person who bought her keeps her for as long as she lives,” wrote one person upon seeing the video.

You may not know this, but animals suffer just as much as we do when we are separated from a loved one. In fact, in cases of divorce, pets express the pain of being separated from one of their owners, with sadness, anxiety, stress and even changes in their behavior.

In this case, we saw a goat in India who, unfortunately, had to go through all that after being sold to another person by his owner.

Twitter @Ram_Vegan

The scene was shared on Twitter by Ramasubramanian V. Harikumar, an Indian vegan man who titled the video “Goat brought to be sold, hugs owner, cries like human”. In it, the animal’s sobs are distinctly audible.

“Even animals who can’t speak have feelings and emotions. Despite not being able to speak, they love their owner dearly. When separated from the owner, their soul hurts as well,” Harikumar added in a tweet thread.

Twitter @Ram_Vegan

“They weep like real people. There will come a time when humans will have to answer for all this. Nature will do it for us one day, brutally,” the young Indian man said. He also indicated that if you were one of the people who ate meat, you were also part of that cycle. “Are you that heartless?” asked Ramasubramanian.

According to Ladbible, this isn’t so far from the truth, as “goats cry or bleat to communicate. They may vocalize when they are hungry, hurt or signaling danger to their herd.”

The post, which went viral, received many comments from people lamenting the situation.

“All animals have feelings, regardless of what humanity thinks. I hope the goat wasn’t sold to be killed, and I pray that the person who bought it keeps it as long as it lives. It seems the owner had no choice and needed the money,” said @MacmurrayLisa.