By Upsocl
diciembre 2, 2020

“Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re going to raise your child better or worse,” said Gabriel, who was adopted when he was only 2 years old. “I like the way I’ve been brought up,” he said.

As prejudice against same-sex parents adopting and raising a child still exists, here’s one more testimony that sexuality has nothing to do with children’s education and upbringing. Raising a child won’t depend on a parent’s sexual orientation, but on the values they choose to instill.

Gabriel is a young man who was adopted when he was only two years old by a gay couple. After a long adoption process, David and Jesus managed to bring their little boy over from Russia to Spain to form a family. Now that he’s older, he tells us that he always received the best education.


 Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re going to raise your child better or worse. It depends on how you act, not your sexuality,” said Gabriel in conversation with Freeda.


They’ve taught me to know how to behave, to respect people. They’ve also taught me to live freely. We’ve always had that trust to talk about anything, to ask them anything, even if I am a bit embarrassed sometimes,” he added.


It’s increasingly common to see children being raised by couples from the LGBTI community, as taboos are increasingly being broken. Cases like Gabriel’s show that this isn’t wrong either. In addition, other studies have shown that children of homosexual couples have a higher education level.

When they find out that I have two fathers, they ask me how it feels not to have a mother, and well, what I always say is that you see boxers instead of panties, but that’s about it,” said Gabriel.


When he had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland for a year, he lived with a traditional family. There, he confirmed that the treatment and education he received in his own home wasn’t any different. This makes him proud of his fathers.

I really like the way they’ve educated me, how they talk to me, that they are proud of what they have done, of their creation,” he said.


Gabriel, like his fathers, has become an activist in the LGBTI community, to bring his testimony to those who still view the adoption of children by gay couples with prejudice.