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diciembre 4, 2020

“Never wear mini-skirts. A mini-skirt is for young girls. As for bikinis, I left them behind when I was in my late 40s/ early 50s.” This was part of her advice as a leading voice in the fashion industry.

Lately, Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera has returned to the covers of various magazines, sharing tips and advice on how to become an elegant woman. And she’s definitely elegant.

Herrera had no qualms on talking about all topics, including the use of long hair in women over 40 – “It doesn’t look right,” she said – and even the use of the very popular jeans after 30, which earned her a lot of criticism from her female colleagues.

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However, if there are those who are looking to turn their image around and inject it with elegance and class, Herrera is definitely one of the clearest references out there.

For women who have concerns in this area, we leave a list of 15 tips from Carolina Herrera herself to achieve sophistication and elegance in one’s personal image. Let’s get started!

1.Elegance is not synonymous with money

According to the designer, personal fortune doesn’t define how elegant a person is nor does it guarantee this quality. Instead, it’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking.

2. Don’t discard the basics

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White blouses or shirts and A-line skirts are necessary items to have in your closet to achieve an elegant look. Of course, the fact that they have to be clean and ironed goes beyond saying.

3. Do not overdo it with accessories

A very flashy or bright accessory might just outshine the rest of the outfit. Always think of them as the complement to an elegant look.

4. Confidence, inside and out

According to the Venezuelan, “elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read”.

5. Watch out for the lips

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Always prefer pink, red and nude tones for the lips, the necessary complement for a sophisticated face according to Herrera.

6. Always take care of your hair

Your hair shouldn’t look damaged or messy. You should strive for it to look healthy, hydrated and shiny, so it contributes to the final outfit.

7. Being at peace with the passing of the years

Herrera herself said it in an interview a couple of years ago: “Nothing ages a woman more than pretending she is still young. You have to lose the fear of aging, but you have to do it with style.”

8. Simplicity = elegance

For the designer, it’s best to set aside the eccentricities of each person and always be clear that “less is more”. It’s a rule that works for everything, especially for dressing.

9. Heels are a must

Carolina Herrera

Yes, flat shoes are comfortable, but an elegant woman should always have her heels in the closet. Carolina Herrera’s favorites are stilettos with sober and simple colors.

10. Love yourself

It’s a matter of looking at Herrera to see that she’s a confident woman. This quality makes her stand out: she loves and respects herself, if not, she wouldn’t project so much elegance.

11. Show only what is necessary

Don’t overdo it with the cleavage: the idea is to keep the bust in place and, of course, maintain one’s elegance.

12.  Don’t forget the perfume

Campaña de perfume “Good Girl”. (Carolina Herrera)

For the Venezuelan woman, fragrances are very important. “It’s the invisible accessory that dresses every elegant woman,” she says.

13. Always be independent

This point becomes more than clear with the following quote from Herrera: “A lady is the one who is not interested in having many men at her feet, but one at her height”.

14. Eyebrows make a difference

Eyebrows should maintain their natural shape and tone but should be highlighted to combine well with the rest of one’s image.

15. An empowering posture

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For Herrera, posture transforms the way people look at you and perceive you. For the same reason, a straight spine transmits confidence, lack of fear and a lot of presence.

To all this, we must add her statements to the Daily Mail some years ago, where she made it clear she doesn’t recommend wearing the color black:

“As women get older, they play safe by wearing black. But during the day, black is very draining. It becomes like a uniform. Everyone is wearing black and it’s boring.”

–Carolina Herrera told the Daily Mail

As if that wasn’t enough, she also advised us to avoid jeans, a clothing item that’s a little more youthful:

“Never wear mini-skirts. A mini-skirt is for young girls. As for bikinis, I left them behind when I was in my late 40s/early 50s. And I don’t wear jeans. I’m not the right age for them. Jeans are for young people, too.”

–Carolina Herrera to the Daily Mail

What do you think of this manual of elegance? We loo forward to reading your comments!