By Upsocl
septiembre 30, 2020

After a man collapsed during a night-time walk through the streets of Uruguaiana (Brazil), his loyal dog didn’t dream of abandoning him. He climbed onto the ambulance with him and even waited for him outside the hospital.

As he was driving home last August in Uruguaiana (Brasil),  Anderson Fechner Bahi witnessed a scene that could have melted even the coldest of hearts: a display of love in its purest and most genuine form.

An ambulance was pulled up at the side of the road and paramedics were treating a person lying on the sidewalk. It turns out that minutes before, a man had collapsed while he was out walking his dog.

Anderson Fechner Bahi

However it was what happened afterwards that surprised Anderson. After the paramedics loaded the man onto the ambulance to take him to hospital, his little dog didn’t want to be left behind and climbed up onto the vehicle’s rear bumper, demanding to go with them.

Anderson Fechner Bahi

The photos taken by Anderson make us think immediately of that scene in Toy Story, when Woody and Buzz are hanging onto the bumper of a moving truck while being chased by a ferocious dog.

Although Fechner Bahi could only see what was going on from his car, it was enough for him to realize that the love that the dog had for his owner was something very special. Fortunately the paramedics saw this too and opened the doors so that the man could be accompanied by his four-legged friend.

But the display of affection didn’t end there. Once they arrived at the hospital the man was taken inside in a wheelchair and, as the dog was unable to enter the building, she decided to wait patiently outside.

Amal Saker

It didn’t take long for Maria Lúcia Muniz, an animal rescuer who lives very close to the hospital, to find out about the situation and immediately offer the dog a home for the night in case the man’s medical procedure took longer than expected.

Fortunately the dog didn’t have to wait long as the man was hospitalized for just 45 minutes and managed to recover without any issues. Both he and the dog were picked up by his family and taken home.

Amal Saker

Dogs truly are man’s best friend!