By Upsocl
octubre 9, 2020

Her baby, Baylor, nearly went blind after getting a dangerous infection from bacteria that his toys were carrying. Even if you clean them, they can still retain mold and other microbes that aren’t visible to the eye.

The bathtub has become a space where children, in addition to washing themselves to maintain proper hygiene, have fun with water and toys. It’s a time to enjoy and have fun. However, water can get trapped in these toys and can be deadly.

This happened to Baylor’s mother in Chicago, USA. The woman knew this could happen, so after each bath, she cleaned her little boy’s toys with a solution of water and bleach and kept them in the light regularly to avoid infection.

What she didn’t know is that – even with regular cleaning – they never completely dry and the bacteria inside can continue to grow. Invisible bacteria.

Eden Strong

One day, she noticed that Baylor’s eye was a little red. She didn’t give it much importance because the nanny was bathing him andhad squirted water with a bath toy,” she said. Hours later, her husband took the little boy to the emergency room, assuming he had a small infection, conjunctivitis.

The next day, Baylor woke up with an incredibly swollen eye and the redness had spread to his cheek. The mother was frightened. She searched the internet for the diagnosis and again took him to the emergency room for possible cellulitis.

Eden Strong

When she woke up at 6 a.m. and saw him in his cradle, she shouted in despair for her husband. Baylor’s eye was so swollen that the white part was sticking out of his eyelid and his iris was getting dark. He felt warm to the touch and had a fever. A high fever.

Eden Strong

“I cried all the way to a bigger hospital. I prayed that he wouldn’t lose his eye.”

-said Baylor’s mother on her Facebook

 They started giving him intravenous antibiotics as soon as they walked through the hospital doors. They were distressed. He had severe cellulitis that eventually spread to his face and both eyes.

“They warned me that he could lose sight in the eye that was in the worst condition, but in the end, thank God, his eyes were healed. So, those bath toys? Just throw them away.”

-said the mother again on her Facebook

At the end of the day, the little one went home and is healthy. Baylor’s mother learned her lesson and will throw away all the bath toys. She said that mold can’t be cleaned and that the bacteria it contains is invisible.