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septiembre 22, 2021

María José Carrasco had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 30 years and couldn’t take it anymore. “I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to die,” she said some time ago. Her husband gave her medication, and she fell asleep forever.

It’s very painful to know that a family member or someone close to you is suffering from a serious illness with no cure. Especially if that person is experiencing physical pain and discomfort that hinders them from being able to continue with their life in a normal way.

In these situations, an option that has always been very controversial arises: euthanasia. This is a process in which the person is assisted to put an end to his or her life in the case of illnesses that can no longer be reversed.

Carlos Rosillo

Ángel Hernández experienced this first-hand with his wife María José Carrasco, who suffered from multiple sclerosis for 30 years. The woman always considered euthanasia as a possibility to ease the physical and emotional pain of so many years of illness. However, in her native Spain, this is punishable by law.

According to information from El País, the 69-year-old woman was assisted by her husband, who gave her a lethal drug in a glass of water. A few hours later, María José left this world in her sleep.

Carlos Rosillo

The man was arrested at the time for having participated in his wife’s death. However, recently, the euthanasia law came into force in Spain, so the 34th Criminal Court of Madrid dropped the charges and acquitted him.

Some time ago, the woman already wished for that end, as she commented in an interview that in 2018 the couple gave to El País. There, María José said she didn’t want her disease to worsen further and suffer with the treatments. “I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to die,” she said on that occasion.

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With the law in force, the court established that Angel was “authorized” for the woman to end her life. In addition, he was protected by “the right to end life in situations of serious, chronic and incapacitating illness or serious and incurable disease, thus legally protecting a right that previously had no legal coverage”.

Angel is now 71 years old and explained that he wanted his case to have media coverage in order to help other people in the same situation. “With this, I am closing this period. I was committed to fight until there was a law, and then, until the trial came,” the man finished.

Carlos Rosillo

María José’s wish was fulfilled, and now, she is able to rest from those intense pains that afflicted her so much in life and that were stronger than she could bear.