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septiembre 13, 2021

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, actress Gaby Platas revealed that she realized at the age of 12 that she didn’t want children and that her family always knew about the plans. While she was told she might regret getting her tubes tied after the procedure, she says that that moment never arrived.

In the last year, we have brought you quite a few cases of women and men who, from a very young age, have decided not to have children in their lives. This is undoubtedly a generational and paradigm shift, as babies and starting a family at a young age are no longer part of the “clear life path”.

That said, here is a well-known Mexican actress who says she is proud and determined not to have children in her life, having had her tubes tied at the age of 32. Today, she is 47 and has never regretted her decision.

Mexican Gaby Platas says that she knew she didn’t want to be a mother when she was 12 years old, and that motherhood was too idealized by society.

In an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, Gaby said that she has had her tubes tied for 15 years. Her family has always known of her intentions, and her mother “guaranteed” her that, as she grew older, she’d change her mind and have at least one child.

However, that instinct that her mother spoke of never kicked in, not even when her “biological clock” told her it was time to have children. The way she sees motherhood has never changed, which she confirmed now that she is in her late fifties.

She reached the decision to have her tubes tied when she realized that, if she were to become pregnant, she wouldn’t be a responsible mother. Moreover, at the time, Gaby was married to Paco de la O, a Mexican presenter and actor, who physically and emotionally abused her during the ten years they were together. Thus, the ligation operation minimized the possibility of her becoming pregnant by accident.

In the interview, Platas pointed out that her problem was never with children, but their incompatibility with the lifestyle she wanted to lead.

No matter one’s opinion on the topic, the truth is that Gaby shouldn’t have to justify her decisions. However, it’s good to know that she’s very clear about it and that she has been able to put the issue aside in her life that involves an option that’s so difficult to give up because of all the social pressure.

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