By Upsocl
febrero 12, 2021

OnlyFans model Isabelle Eleanore was told by the stewardess that she “couldn’t wear a bikini” when boarding the plane when she just wanted to look sexy.

When it comes to fashion, there are no defined styles, and we tend to dress in whatever suits our tastes. Although the rules of etiquette establish ways of dressing on some occasions, when they aren’t clear, we can play around with them a little.

This happens a lot at airports, where we see people bundling up while others enjoy traveling in style.

Instagram / Isabelle Eleanore

The truth is, nothing is set in stone. Our style depends on our tastes and values, which help us decide what’s best to wear that day. This sometimes creates problems with airport staff, who have a dress code that they try to enforce upon passengers.

One of the passengers who was forced to deal with this was Instagram and Only Fans model, Isabelle Eleanore, who was traveling in a black crop top and blue jeans. The problem started when a crew member stopped her, claiming that her clothes were inappropriate for flying.

Instagram / Isabelle Eleanore

To remedy the situation, she was provided with a hi-vis vest, which she had to walk in before all the passengers.

Instagram / Isabelle Eleanore

This made Isabelle Eleanore feel somewhat humiliated and degraded, as she was drawing attention to herself and not exactly in the best way. She also didn’t think her attire was revealing or inappropriate, as it kept everything where it should be.

“She looked at the ticket and then looked up and said ‘oh, do you have a jumper you can wear?’ and then here’s me thinking she must be concerned I’m going to get cold on the flight, it’s going to be cold in Melbourne or something. She kept going and she was like ‘well, you can’t fly with what you’re wearing, you can’t wear a bikini. And I’m like ‘look – it’s not a bikini, it’s a top.’”

– Isabelle Eleanor told 9News

It was unbelievable that the model had to deal with something like that in 2021, where she should be able to wear whatever she wanted, without being judged or forced to cover up. Her incredible disappointment caused her to vent on Instagram after having to go through that while traveling with her husband.


So they made a huge scene when I stepped on the plane and made me wait in front of everyone while they searched for something to cover me up with,” was part of her social media caption.

Instagram / Isabelle Eleanore

Meanwhile Jetstar’s website says the following on its website: “Please refrain from wearing clothing or carrying personal items that display words, images, symbols or slogans that could reasonably be considered offensive (e.g. a t-shirt with insults or swear words)”, but nothing related to sensuality.

Instagram / Isabelle Eleanore

The airline has already apologized to the model for the complaint, and Isabelle hopes that no other woman will have to go through the same thing.