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septiembre 22, 2020

“The worst day. My heart is broken. Please educate your little ones to be kind,” the mother said in tears.

Not everything is humor, laughter and dancing on TikTok. In fact, the platform has become a place to tell stories of different kinds, fight for causes and even share feelings. This is true for user @Nosilla865, who opened her heart and quickly went viral.

“The worst day. My heart is broken. Please educate your little ones to be kind,” she wrote in the video caption that already has over 7 million views. 

TikTok Nosilla865

In the video, the mother explains that last weekend she organized a party to celebrate her son’s 5th birthday, who has Down Syndrome, and that only one child attended the celebration. “Normally this is something negative for any child, but our son has Down Syndrome,” she says between tears in the clip.

The young woman is deeply saddened by the situation and says: “What happens when he knows that he’s purposely being left out? Why?” she says.


TikTok Nosilla865

Watch the video:

The video caused a great stir on TikTok. Many users reacted to what the mother was saying. Several contacted her to show their love and support. The mother even made another video to thank them for the love she’d received after sharing her tough story. “I’m grateful for all the support, love and kind words,” she explained in the clip. 

TikTok Nosilla865
TikTok Nosilla865

A lot of users also made videos reacting to the one posted by @Nosilla865. The platform’s users showed strong support – that’s the spirit the world needs!